Jen Richards Added to the Cast of Nashville

sipe1fhvWe can’t wait for January and the return of Nashville. We’re excited to see what happens. That’s why we hang on all the news, casting and anything else having to do with the show.

While we don’t know what is going going to happen on the show, we do know – thanks to TV Line – that Jen Richards has been cast as a Allyson Del Lago, who is a “tough but understanding physical therapist who helps one of the series-regular characters through one of their most difficult challenges.”

Richards has been on – just to name a few things – E!’s I Am Cait and Logo’s Beautiful As I Want To Be. Allyson will be the first transgendered character on CMT.

Nashville returns to television and debuts on CMT  on Thursday, Jan. 5, at 9/8c.


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