Jennifer Lawrence is the Sexiest Woman in the WORLD!

FHM released their full list of the 100 sexiest women in the world last week and guess who is number one?! Our very own Jennifer Lawrence! I can’t say I disagree with the ranking either, because Jen is beautiful. I mean, just look at that picture. Gaaaahhhh. Gorgeous.

FHM also included an interactive timeline, to remind of us of why Jennifer is so amazing. Some of the accomplishments on the list include:

“Jen manically photobombs Taylor Swift’s live TV interview at the ultra-glitzy Golden Globes ceremony, confirming she’s as goofily hilarious as she is swankily gorgeous.”

“Echoing her famous stumble on to the stage at last year’s Oscars, Jen trips up on the red carpet at this years ceremony, before laughing it off like a loon, because she’s awesome beyond all reason.”

“J-Law is announced as FHM’s Sexiest Woman Of The Year 2014. She probably trips up on hearing the news, because she’s such a big clumsy klutz. Dear God, she’s just so lovable.”

I absolutely love this list. I’m laughing hysterically because Jen is just so freakin awesome.

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