Jeremy Irvine and Addison Timlin Release Videos From ‘Fallen’ Set

We’re all sorts of confused over Fallen, because well – there hasn’t been much released on it. We’re all sitting here guessing about what is or is not happening. What’s a girl gotta go to get some information?

One thing that we do know is star Jeremy Irvine gave us a little insight to the movie, when he posted a short video of him learning to fly for Fallen.

It set our hearts a flutter. And it also made us wonder what does a girl have to do to get more information on this movie?

But his hotness isn’t the only one posting videos. Addison posted a video from the set –

A video posted by Lauren Kate (@laurenkatebooks) on

We all die. DIE! Disney, if you could start releasing more on this film, it would be great!

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