Jessica Jones Season 2: Did Kilgrave Pull a Doctor Who?


Today released an exclusive photo from the set of  of Jessica Jones. The second season is currently filming. Featured is everyone’s favourite Mind Controlling Baddie Kilgrave as portrayed by David Tenant (Broadchurch, Doctor Who) and Krysten Ritter AKA Jessica Jones herself. There’s no word yet on what Kilgrave is doing back. This being our first peak from the set of the new season, it did not disappoint.



Knowing this series well it could be another flashback into Jessica’s time with Kilgrave as his companion. Or knowing Marvel’s love of brining characters back from the dead Kilgrave may be back to stay. If Kilgrave were to pull a Doctor Who and regenerate they’d have a ton of Doctor Who fans loving it but even if these Netflix Marvel series do like their nods to fans, I don’t think this is where they were going.

A big possibility could be that Kilgrave’s death is haunting her much like Reva’s had in the first season. Even though there was nothing Jessica could have done to stop from killing her, the death at her hands haunted Jessica. Even though Kilgrave was killed to save Trish it would still be a burden to live with. Jessica is an asshole with a giant bleeding heart beneath her leather jacket and scarf. She may try to hide it behind sarcasm and bourbon but to those she lets in she’s just a fluffy puppy.

This exclusive comes just days away from the Premier of The Defenders on August 18th which marks the return of Ritter as Jessica Jones. What do you think Kilgrave is doing back?

Don’t forget to check out the Defenders premiering August 18 on Netflix. Season 2 of Jessica Jones will be premiering on Netflix early 2018.

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