‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Review: It’s Got Some Lady Balls

Let’s just start off by saying that this seasons Jessica Jones had major balls. We came away from this season not only wanting more but also wondering where TV like this has been our whole lives. I literally cannot say enough good things about this entire show; cast, crew and creative team included.

Continue below for what we loved, what we hated, and what we want from Jessica’s next season!

Overall Impression

I’ll start off by saying that this season is currently my favourite of all the Netflix Marvel shows under its belt. And it has a lot to do with how unexpected this season was. We all know it was going to be hard-hitting and gritty just like season one but I didn’t expect the emotional whiplash that this season was.

I started this season with assumptions about who the bad guy would be and who the bad guy actually was. I went from loving characters that I’ve liked from day one to hating them exponentially. And I eventually understood the fact that this show isn’t here to cater to my expectations. It’s got its own path to follow and I’m just along for the ride.

And one of those rides that I never expected to loathe so much is the one Trish went on and dragged Jessica through.

By the end of this season I couldn’t stand Trish. She is one of those people who even after her decision almost killed her, still believes themselves to be right. When we finally meet Alisa I flip-flopped on my feelings for her from moment to moment. And my feelings on Jeri Hogarth are so complex that I can’t decide even after the finale if I like her, hate her or pity her. But Trish, oh I’m certain about my feelings for her.

This season was also a testament to having your cake and eating it too, but in the extreme sense. Trish just about died trying to get powers, and if that last shot of her is anything to go by she probably got them; which I can’t see going well at all if this season is any indication. Jeri wanted to be healed and ended up losing everything, crossing into that grey area to get her revenge on those who wronged her. Jessica started out just wanting to hide from her loss of family, and instead was confronted with the possibility of having her mother back only to have the woman violently ripped out of her life in front of her eyes for the second time. And Malcolm wanted to help people so bad that he crossed to the dark side to become a P.I. and I’m pretty sure if he’s helping anyone from now on, it’s not the people who truly deserve it.

This season was definitely an edge of your seat ride and the ending left me with so many questions, concerns, and hopes. Will Malcolm and Jessica make up? Will someone be able to stop Trish’s self-righteous crusade? Will Jessica get to keep her little family with Oscar and Vito?

What We Loved

Jessica’s Assorted Family Issues

This season was a huge cluster of family issues from Jessica’s real family, to adopted family and to her found family. It’s always been something hinted at since season one that Jessica is the way she is as much from her loss as her other traumas. She’s a boat load of issues and this season we got a pick at the yacht sized mommy-issues she sports like a shield.

Like most things in her life Jessica dealt with her assorted issues surrounding the crumbling relationships with Trish and Malcolm with a heavy dose of denial and whiskey. Throw in the mother she thought she lost and the garbage person who adopted her and it’s just a family fun circus up in here. Even when Jessica has the chance to have her mother back after believing her to be dead, Trish forces her further away until Trish is the one to permanently take Alisa away from Jessica.

The bright light in all of the family drama is Oscar and Vido. They start out at odds because Oscar is trying so hard to be a good parent to Vido but he sees Jessica as an obstacle to that. But slowly through Jessica going out of her way to help, for no benefit other than Oscar asked, Oscar starts to see the good in her. Vido has that uncanny ability most kids have to see past the bullshit and know that Jessica is a cuddly teddy bear underneath. The last scene where they’re having supper together gave me so much hope after feeling like the world was imploding around Jessica this season.

Malcolm’s Struggles

After last seasons bombshell that Malcolm had been manipulated by Killgrave to becoming a drug addict dependant on him and spying on Jessica, my heart went out to the guy. Substance abuse is hard enough to deal with, without it having been forced on you by a psycho. I applaud that they didn’t immediately jump to a Malcolm who was ‘cured’ of his issues.

This season has Malcolm struggling to keep himself clean and working his ass off for Jessica to stay busy, making this monumental task of staying sober just that little bit easier. But he never is able to find his own groove when either Jessica is pushing him away or Trish is pulling him closer to use him. Poor Malcolm seems like one of those guys who always gets himself into trouble trying to help the broken girl fix themselves.

This season broke my heart for him. He cares just so damn much and, unlike Jessica who hides her heart behind her snark, he wears his on his sleeve. Even when he was high as a kite last season he offered to help out when he could. This season he gets himself into hot water more than a few times. And Jessica pushes him away one last time because she can’t lose anyone else. As a result he goes to the worst person he could, Steven Price, to become a P.I. But I no longer feel he’s doing it to help people so much as to prove to Jessica and everyone else that they should have took him seriously. It’s a dangerous tightrope he may walk in season three.

Mental Health Issues & Healthy Coping Mechanisms?

One thing this show has always done is not shy away from Jessica’s multiple mental health issues stemming from her trauma. She wasn’t magically fixed by killing Killgrave. If anything she seems more broken. She saved the whole world from a horrible man but what was the cost to her?

In season two the psychological hits just keep on coming. Between losing people around her left, right, and center, to confronting what was done to her. And that doesn’t even take into account the amount of betrayal she’s dealt with. *cough*Trish karma better be coming for you, girlfriend *cough*

Jessica was losing control of her anger and herself throughout the whole season. But it all comes to a head when Jessica accidentally kills a prison guard who was abusing her mother while she was in jail. Something inside Jessica breaks open, and she starts to hallucinate Killgrave praising her for the murder. Jessica has always pretended that things like this would never get to her but her hallucinations are proof that theory is bullshit.

Even exaggerated as this show is, it is a comic book show technically. They do a great job of portraying a broken woman avoiding healing at all costs. This has a ripple effect that causes issues in her whole life. To the point that the absolute loneliness she feels at the end of this season can be felt in your gut.

All of this forces Jessica to finally attempt to move on and start to heal. To realize that she’s strong and can get through this. Of course that isn’t the end of it because the finale gives her a slew of other issues to deal with…

What We Could Have Done Without

Timeline Confusion

I tried throughout the series to figure out where in the Netflix Marvel timeline this season is supposed to happen. At one point Simpson says it’s been a year since he was gone, which would mean that The Defenders is set after this season. But then if that’s the case Malcolm and Trish being there makes no sense to me. They’re too distant from Jessica at this point to fit with the storyline in Defenders. But there’s no mention of what has happened. I thought we’d at least get a mention of Luke or maybe even Matt, but it never came.

Now Marvel’s Cinematic Universe is pretty big on continuity these days and so far with the series on Netflix the story has been the same. Vido even mentions Captain America. But this series seems to be a bubble in time on it’s own. I’m not sure what to make of it. Which being the way I ingest these shows and expect them to be takes me out of the story a bit, I was looking for hints in the background and Jessica’s apartment for things that happened in The Defenders.

So keep that in mind for season three, please writers.

Price’s Attempted Takeover & Eventual Win

Steven Price is one of those characters I absolutely hate. Not even in the love to hate kind of way. He’s a man created just to cause issues and be a plot device more than a person. Add to that that he’s a misogynist towards Jessica, and his quest to take her down just to gain her clients, and it makes for a completely unlikeable person.

Now I get that you’re not meant to like every character in a show, don’t get me wrong I’m not that deluded, but the fact that in the end not only did Price end up winning taking away Jessica’s clients, he also ended up with Malcolm working for him. I know in the real world that guys like this win all the time, but I’m sad that he had to win in Jessica’s world too. There’s always next season to get his ass handed to him, I guess.

Our Hopes for Season 3

Defenders Assemble?

I was really hoping for at the very least we were going to get a Luke Cage appearance, seeing as season two is set to premiere June 22 on Netflix. So since that didn’t happen I have hope for at least someone to make an appearance in season three. Krysten isn’t slated to appear in any of the future Netflix Marvel shows as of yet. But I have high hopes after we seen images of Finn Jones AKA Danny Rand filming with Mike (Luke Cage) for season two of Luke Cage.

This world is all encompassing and will continue to be I’m sure.

Jessica Gets Some Happy

The end of this season gave me so much hope for Jessica getting some sort of happiness in her life. Now it might not end up looking how you would picture her happiness but something is better than nothing. She’s had her happiness snatched away from her so many times since we met her. I really hope season 3 goes more into her relationship with Oscar and Vido.

Jessica needs a nice day that just ends nice, no crazy drama or dead bodies. It’s all I ask.

The Use of More Women in The Industry

This season has been amazing in all aspects and I’m happy to say that the women behind the camera and in the creative team had a great deal to do with it. This was a show that as a woman I could relate with better. When it was announced that the creative team was going to be women there was a small amount of clapback from men. But boy did they shut up quick.

I really hope this trend continues to other areas of Marvel and the entertainment industry. It shouldn’t take this to break the glass ceiling but it sure is a pretty damn great start. Women supporting women. And to have it premiere on International Women’s Day was the icing on the cake!

Favourite Moments

AKA Playland (Episode 2×13) – This episode was amazing. The little journey that Jessica and Alisa go on gives you so much hope that maybe they can move on together. Jessica starts to heal and see her mom as someone worth saving. Not just because they’re related but because she’s making good choices. So of course in typical Jessica Jones fashion the rug is pulled out from underneath her in the most violent way possible.

Watching the blood spray across Jessica’s face and then the realization cross the same space, was a punch in the gut. After she deals with Trish and has that moment to go back to Alisa and realize what’s happened, it reminded me a lot of Hope realizing what she did in season one. The big difference is instead of screaming for help Jessica shuts down completely. Krysten played the moment with the perfect balance of facial expression and body language. It hurt my soul to watch. It felt so real. I was bawling for Jessica to just keep her mommy.

Krysten has always been an amazing actress but this just made me want to give her all the awards!

AKA I Want Your Cray Cray (Episode 2×07) – This episode full of flashbacks was so enlightening. We found out how Jessica got her jacket, how she names her business, and how Trish finally got sober for what should have been the last time. It was also a much needed a good look into Jessica’s relationship with Trish and Mrs. Walker. Last season we got a look at Jessica starting to live with them. But I needed that expansion to understand how that girl went from that to falling into Killgrave’s trap.

Plus we get more of look at Trish, who ended up being such a different character this season than I expected. This look back shows that side of her better. Making her a more rounded character. I still didn’t like her choices but I understood them a little bit better.

AKA God Help The Hobo (Episode 2×04) – This episode to me is the start of the separation between Jessica and Trish. It’s the first time this season where Jessica realizes that Trish will do whatever she needs to find IGH. Of course I don’t think she understood fully why she wanted to find the mystery company. Having suffered similar trauma as Trish just snaps something in Jessica and she sees herself losing a bit of her control.

Jessica will go to extremes for those she cares for. Realizing how much her anger is a part of her life now seems to be an ongoing theme this season. And the fact that when faced with Max who hurt Trish, the fact that she doesn’t hurt him more, says how desperate she is to figure her life out. Even if it means searching out IGH.

Trish uses this opportunity to get what she needs. And it truly is the start of Trish’s fall from grace. You could definitely tell things were going downhill from here on out.

Over all this season was utterly amazing. It’s definitely a show I’ll come back and watch again. Now Marvel Netflix where are you going to go from here? Only up I hope.

What was your favourite moment from this season? Who do you want to see more of in season 3?

Jessica Jones is currently streaming season 1 & 2 on Netflix.

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