‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Trailer: More Questions & Maybe Some Answers

Jessica Jones Season 2 leaves us with even more questions and a hint that we’re going to get some major answers when the Netflix series returns to our screens; both about the accident that killed her family and how she became the badass that she is today.

Our favourite hard drinking PI seems to be having a hard time dealing after Midland Circle. We see her drinking her nights away yet again in this new trailer. But instead of forgetting like most people it seems like Jess’ memories of the car accident that killed her family, as well as the people who gave her the abilities she hates so much, are coming back. From the first time we’ve met Jess her past and her abilities have been something she’s tried her best to run away from. Well it seems our girl is done running now. But will she like what she finds?

Luckily she’s got friends who have her back. Between Malcolm seeming to help run Alias Investigations, to Trish deciding she’s going to use her kick ass skills to be Jess’ side kick, to Jeri trying her level best to keep Jess out of any legal troubles. She’s got more help than she believes she deserves.

From what we can tell Jessica also can’t seem to catch a break.

She reveals to Trish that she wasn’t the only person they changed in the lab that gave her her powers. Whoever was in there with her is even less adjusted than Jessica (which is saying something.) Combine that with some other asshole trying to take away her business and the suspected guess that those hands at the end of the trailer are David Tennant’s aka Killgrave, and we’re in for a ride this season!

Check out the trailer for Jessica Jones season two:

What are you most excited to see in Season 2? Which of the Defenders do you hope makes an appearance?

Jessica Jones Season 2 streams worldwide on Netflix March 8, 2018.

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