Jim Beaver Returning to Supernatural!


Greetings on this very, VERY happy Supernatural Wednesday, Hunters!

Our fandom had some great news this morning as Variety.com published an article that plainly states: BOBBY IS COMING BACK, IDJITS!!

Here’s the low-down: On the April 1st episode, titled “Inside Man”, Sam and Cas recruit some help from someone in Heaven, so they turn to Bobby. Just in time, too, as Dean will be facing off against Rowena! Yikes!

Check out the article here: Jim Beaver Returning to ‘Supernatural’ in Season 10 (EXCLUSIVE)

In the meantime, Supernatural’s newest episode, “Paint It Black”, returns tonight! It’s been a loooong time since we’ve had some Winchester Brothers vs Ghost action! T-minus 40 minutes to go!

supernatural animated GIF

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