John Green talks About the Future of Publishing

tfioscastJohn Green is to receive the Innovator’s Award at the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes ceremony on April 11. The author talked with the Los Angeles times about YA Fiction, the future of publishing, and so much more.

The Fault in Our Stars has spent 79 weeks on the Los Angeles Times Best Sellers list. The movie is due in theaters this summer.

The future of publishing:

We need to be a little less nervous than we are. I think we’re making the transition from print books to digital books relatively well. I wish there were more thriving bookstores, but there are still lots. That’s the first thing to take comfort in.

The second thing to take comfort in is that young people are reading, and they’re reading for pleasure, and they’re reading for pleasure in the millions. Most of them are reading at least a book or two a year for pleasure on top of all the books that they have to read for school, and that’s very encouraging. If we capture those people now — not to sound cynical about it — we will have them for 60 more years.

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