Josh Hutcherson to Star in ‘The Long Home’

We love it when someone we love gets cast in a movie we wouldn’t normally see. Why? Because then we are motivated to go outside the comfort zone, and see things that could absolutely be amazing.

We freely admit that the only reason that we will be seeing The Long Home is because Josh Hutcherson is going to be starring in the film.

We know that it’s awhile before The Hunger Games Saga ends, and we are going to have to see Josh Beyond Peeta, but he’s easing us into being okay with this.

Based on the novel by William Gay, “The Long Home” is set in the 1940s in rural Tennessee, where a young man (Hutcherson) goes to work building a honkytonk for a charismatic and diabolical bootlegger, unaware that the man had murdered his father 10 years prior. He runs into further trouble when he falls for the young woman the bootlegger is grooming to be a prostitute


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