Joss Whedon Shouldn’t Direct Batgirl And Here’s Why

In light of recent events, it is clearer than ever that Joss Whedon should not direct the upcoming Batgirl film. And here’s why.

As someone who has waited for a Batgirl movie for some time, I’m one of those who wants to audition for the role. Mainly because I’ve loved Barbara Gordon ever since I was a kid. You know what I don’t love though? Misogynists being in charge of my superhero movies.

For those who don’t know, Joss Whedon’s ex-wife came out with a story about the director and his treatment of her throughout their 15 year marriage. And the worst part is that this comes out after Whedon’s take on the Wonder Woman script was released.

And if you didn’t read it, good. But also it shows the true misogynistic nature in Whedon’s newer work. Granted, he has been responsible for giving us Buffy and other amazing female characters. But from the story his wife told, it was clearly because of the influences of the women in his life and not just him.

And from what Kai Cole shared, there were plenty of women who could have helped him with his characters. Now first, here’s my problem with his Wonder Woman script: Steve Trevor is a douchebag. In no comic has Steve ever acted the way Whedon wrote him.

Steve Trevor is willingly carried like a bride and never complained about it but Whedon’s made it seem like a woman in charge was a terrible thing to happen. At first, everyone said “Well, it’s a first draft. That’s why” which is fine.

But now with this story? Here’s what should happen: He should lose Batgirl. Patty Jenkins did something so amazing with Wonder Woman and for a man to come in and take Batgirl and ruin what she started isn’t fair to us.

We as women deserve more than that and I sincerely hope Warner Brothers realizes that.

I like hot actors and I like to talk about them. It is pretty much my game plan.