Just How Dark is ‘The 100’ Going to Get?

Contents Under PressureWhat’s next for ‘The 100’? Well as the season finale approaches and we have no word on the renewal, we can only wonder. But while at Wondercon, producers talked to IGN about what comes next.

Here’s what we can expect.

  1. There will be a lot more grounder action.
  2. The group will learn more about working together and survival.
  3. Jasper has PTSD. You know, you been a kabob, you start freaking. His exact quote – “Jasper has a lot of post-traumatic stress disorder after the spearing. Once you’ve been a kabob, it sort of changes your life… I think we really see him step into the danger anyway, because he loves Octavia. Watch out, Grounders!”
  4. Fans are shipping Bellamy and Clarke (lets just say no to this)
  5. Romance isn’t exactly on anyones mind at the moment.

IGN also interviewed Executive Producer Rothenberg. He talked about how dark the season can go, Wells death, Jasper’s PTSD, and how The 100 is not the Blue Lagoon.

On the kids getting dirty on the ground…

We are playing this 100 percent real. The kids on the ground are slowly getting dirtier and sweatier and coming apart and changing. To me, the wilder they get, I think it’s sexier. I personally find that to be sexy. But I don’t find any pressure whatsoever to make them prettier. I’ve never gotten that note. I’ve never once gotten a note in that regard. They want this to be a gritty, dirty, dirt-under-their-fingernails, dirt-on-their-faces, blood-everywhere — I mean, Standards and Practices, I’m getting a ton of emails from them about things, especially as early as some of the episodes you’ve seen. But this is not a show about kids turned loose on the ground and, like, the soap of it.

On Jasper surviving…

But in the case of Devon Bostick [who plays Jasper], the character was supposed to die in the pilot. That was supposed to be it for him. He was so good, like everything I gave him, he elevated it — and it was a nothing role, frankly. It was a secondary character. But he’s so funny and he’s so talented that I knew we needed to bring him back. Then when we made that decision, it was like, “Okay, if we’re going to do that, it’s gonna hurt.” It’s not like the next day he’s tap dancing. He’s moaning his way through the next episode. So as an actor he was kind of frustrated, because he didn’t get to do anything for a couple weeks. But wait until you see what happens with his character. It’s crazy where he’s going.

On going darker…

I got a message the other day from [CW president] Mark Pedowitz saying, “You can go even darker!” He loves what we’re doing, and he thinks that we can take it even further, which is music to my ears. That’s what I want this show to be too. I think we probably like the same kind of stuff. That’s what I want this to be, and that’s what we’re doing. Frankly, the fact that we’re midseason, we flew under the radar a little bit, we got to make the show that we wanted. I think everybody’s responding really positively to it. I knew Wells was not long for the role. One of the things I knew was, I really wanted this to be a show where main characters could die, that nobody is safe. Any of these guys could be killed, because I think that really keeps it — you know, you don’t really know what’s going to happen. 

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