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Kit Harrington Gets a Little Cocky in British GQ

Kit Harrington Gets a Little Cocky in British GQ

Kit Harrington sounds a little bitter in his latest GQ interview. I get it though, if you had to talk about the same thing OVER AND OVER – I’d get a little frustrated and bored. Well, I do that daily… so… (in real life, not on here).

Kit spoke to GQ and when talking about Game of Thrones, he had this to say, “Game Of Thrones is my life, it’s my day job, I love it. But honestly, if there is a curse of Thrones, it’s a lifetime of having to talk about it.”

I mean isn’t it better than no one asking you anything? Or asking you about Pompeii? Cause that seems like it would be a little more embarrassing. We’re not judging you – I mean, there isn’t a lot that we wouldn’t do for a good paycheck. And hey, we watched Pompeii (well the trailer, cause you were shirtless Kit, so you can’t blame us for that).

“I won’t name names and I won’t name films but I’ve sat through private screenings, nearly in tears. Hating it. Thinking: this is the end, everything’s over.” Kit said about his movies. We’re only guessing that it’s Pompeii though.

We may have laughed when he talked about his hair, “I’m more recognizable in public than much better-known actors. So many people watch, and I go around looking like my character.”

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Way to not be a little bit cocky man!

British GQ is available Thursday 4 December priced £3.99.

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