Laura Benanti Cast In Season 5 Of ‘Younger’

We’re suckers for Younger and can’t wait for the season premiere. It feels like this season it’s going to be about Liza trying to find her relationships and how to maintain them in the midst of keeping her lie.

Which like hey – mad respect that she’s been able to maintain it for this long. That isn’t easy and lies always have a way of finding their way out.

There has been a casting in the world of Younger and it is a face that you may recognize if you watch The Detour. Tony Award winner Laura Benanti, will be playing a self made billionaire who pitches a book on her every-woman-for-herself approach to business. Oh Millenial – I need a book on how to become a billionaire.

Anyone else ever wish that some of these Millenial books were real?

Younger returns for it’s fifth season on Tuesday, June 5 at 10/9c.


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