‘Legend of Korra’ Season 3 OFFICIAL Release Date

Omigosh… no warning at all. Nickelodeon, why are you doing this to me?! So four episodes leaked in the Mexico branch and now you’re just throwing it all out there. Well maybe if you had not waited so long to give us a trailer, fans would not be so desperate.

And good heavens! The release date is next week. So yeah, set your DVRs to record now!

IGN has confirmed today that the Legend of Korra will premiere June 27th at 8pm on Nickelodeon.

And oh… have new clip from the season:

Nerdist thinks it’s because of the leaks it is airing this early instead of after Comic Con. Really, I don’t care frankly. There’s been no news and now all of a sudden, they’re announcing this release date with only one week for promotion. Huh?! Just give me some more Korra. This cartoon is amazing and we love it.


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