‘Legends of Tomorrow’: How Will Sara React to Learning About Thea?

Two of the season’s biggest shocks on Arrow‘s third season came when Sara Lance was murdered in the season premiere, and then the reveal that it was Thea Queen who killed her, albeit under the influence of drugs and Malcolm Merlyn.

With Sara set to make her return in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, we have to wonder what her reaction will be when she remembers it was Thea that killed her.

Caity Lotz spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how it’ll be hard to stomach for her character, but she’ll probably set her sights on Malcolm Merlyn to exact revenge.

“I would imagine it would be a hard image to shake, Thea’s face as she shoots three arrows into Sara’s chest,” Caity Lotz says. “Though when/if Sara learns that it was actually Malcolm Merlyn’s doing, I think she’d definitely have some feelings of revenge brewing in her stone cold assassin blood.”

Hey, Sara, Nyssa is also seeking revenge against Malcolm. How about a “super” team-up?

Legends of Tomorrow premieres midseason on The CW.

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