Let’s Catch Up On Some Shadowhunters Tweets/News…


As with every week lately – it’s been a busy one in the world of Shadowhunters. But that’s okay – keeps our excitement going and our want to see more. But let’s recap what has been going on up in Toronto and online.

First – Mundie Mom’s just debuted an exclusive picture of Jace – see it here.

ShadowhuntersTV has been giving us a lot of information lately. It’s exciting. Here’s some of their best tweets of the week –

Cast Signatures




Harry Shum


Hot Men Pull Up Contest



McG’s been busy – which we are always happy when busy includes him getting us excited for the show. Now I don’t know about you, but when he’s silent, I get nervous. But he’s his and Ed Decter’s tweets about the cast –


And then there is this. You gotta love Jace and Simon –



Kat is looking adorable –

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