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Let’s Catch Up On ‘Wonder Woman’ Promo

Let’s Catch Up On ‘Wonder Woman’ Promo

Wonder Woman

It’s time! Wonder Woman opens and guys, you don’t want to miss it!

In a time where male superheroes dominate the big and little screen, DC Films upcoming release of Wonder Woman has even the strongest of men shaking in their boots!  Introduced in 1940, the Amazonian Princess was a symbol that women could fight just as hard and be just as strong, if not stronger, than the boys!  She has served as a feminist and LGBT icon and it’s no surprise as she is the epitome of female fortitude.  Watching reruns as a child, I was a huge fan of Lynda Carter’s depiction of Diana Prince.  She brought her to life in ways the world never could have imagined before!

Continuing in the Wonder Woman legacy, Gal Gadot takes center stage as the newest depiction of the superhero.  Filling her boots and swinging the Lasso of Truth, Gadot’s portrayal of Wonder Woman is so pure and honest.  When it was first announced that we would see Wonder Woman appear in Batman vs. Superman, I could not have been happier!  Wonder Woman has always been one of my favorites and to see her on the big screen kicking ass and taking names was everything a girl could want.  Gadot’s version is flawless, strong, and righteous and 100% believable.  She handled her own in the fight against Doomsday in BvS and it was apparent from the start that Gadot was the perfect fit for the Amazonian Princess.  With her origin story due out this week, I’m excited to see the literal birth and journey of Diana Prince.

As a fangirl, the introduction of Steve Trevor has me squealing with anticipation and delight.  I can’t wait to see his and Diana’s story unfold on the big screen.  Chris Pine is one of my favorite actors and is so good at drawing out every emotion in himself and his viewers.  I think their story will add to the film and take this 5,000 year old Amazonian Princess and show that while she is immortal and unbelievably strong, she can also be vulnerable to the emotions and feelings as any woman.  Gadot described Diana as having “many strengths and powers, but at the end of the day, she’s a woman with a lot of emotional intelligence.”  She also stated that Diana is independent and that she doesn’t rely on a man.  From the previews I’ve seen, I can agree.  We see Diana and Steve in an alley with a man wielding a gun.  Steve’s first reaction is to protect Diana and place himself between her and the gunman only for Diana to prove that she isn’t a damsel in distress and can very much take care of herself…and him.  (Every woman needs their own pair of “Bracelets of Submission”, I’m just saying.)  Diana proves early on that she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

This film is already on the road to perfection with its star studded cast including the ever powerful Robin Wright and the guy that always seems to be the evil mastermind, Danny Huston.  While some origin stories can be dry and slow-paced, from the promos and reviews I’ve seen, Wonder Woman is sure to be anything but that.  From the visual effects to the fast-paced action scenes, this film looks as though it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!

Here’s some of the promo to get you excited!

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