Let’s Play Catchup On ‘One Direction’ News…

Anyone else been listening to Drag Me Down on repeat? Cause we’re kind of obsessed with the song. We have all sorts of theories on what it could be about – but we’re going with the whole positive “LOVE” theme.

It’s different to hear a song without Zayn’s voice on it, but it doesn’t stop us from loving it. Look, we’re more supportive of Zayn’s solo career now that Naughty Boy isn’t involved. Like you guys, we were anxious to hear what Zayn would have to say about the new song.

That’s pretty awesome that he is speaking out for his bandmates and loving what they are doing. The tweet blew up and everyone got super excited. But that wasn’t the only reason that One Direction was all over twitter. Louis and Liam hit up Lollapalooza in Chicago. I mean when I go to a music festival I am expecting some flowered headbands and the smell of pot to radiate from everyone – but I don’t expect to turn around see Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson around.

Then there is this video with Zayn –

And then we have the fans. The One Direction fandom is one that doesn’t mess around and they have started – @FIFTHTOMILLION. The tumblr site says –

Fifth To Million (FTM) is a campaign started by Sophia and Sav to get One Direction’s fifth album (name still TBA) to reach one million sales within its first week of release.
We decided to create Fifth To Million to get the fifth album to a million sales within the first week of its release because of one major reason, this album is the first album One Direction will be releasing as a four-piece band. To deal with the departure of a member was hard enough on us and the band themselves. After Zayn’s departure, everyone began saying how “it was the end of One Direction,” “now that they’re down a member it’s not going to be the same,” “they’re going to give up and half ass their music.” To prove everyone wrong, we’ve created the campaign Fifth To Million.

This campaign is one hundred percent possible with our dedication and hard work, if we really come together and buckle down we can promote this album to the ends of the earth. In a way it’s similar to the No Control campaign, which proved us fans are more capable of what some might think, and even at times the band’s promotional team.

This campaign is completely non-profit, as neither of us are making money from it, and that’s not the goal here. This is a completely fan based campaign with absolutely no help from One Direction or their team.

One million sales in the first week is completely possible! Midnight Memories sold 549,000 copies within its first week, Take Me Home following behind at 540,000. Now we just have to double that this time around, which we’re easily capable of achieving. Backstreet Boys’ album Millennium sold 1,134,000 copies within the first week of its release back in 1999. Even better, ‘N Sync’s album No Strings Attached sold double that of Millennium, selling 2,416,000 copies within the first week back in 2000. So, saying “it’s completely impossible to get one million copies sold within the first week!” is rubbish and not an excuse.

We can TOTALLY do this if we take it seriously enough and give it our all. We are a powerful fan base who never uses the power to our full potential, and we can do this all for free, just simple promotion.

It’s a busy time for the boys.

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