Let’s Talk ‘Teen Wolf’: The Best Episodes of Season 5B

It’s that time again… Time for another painfully werewolf-less Teen Wolf hiatus. But before we go into full-on Season 6 speculation, there is still much to discuss about the season that just ended. The 5B finale left us all stunned as Deucalion revealed his true colors, Sebastien and the Beast were defeated as Mason rejoined the pack, and Theo was dragged back to whatever hell he came from – to name a few of the many twists and turns. Our Fangirlish Roundtable broke down the episode already, but we wanted to take this week to discuss Season 5B overall and how the finale ties into past – and future – episodes.

Yesterday, our panel discussed how the 5B finale compared to the finales of seasons past – and mostly agreed that it was Teen Wolf‘s best yet. Today, we’re turning the discussion to 5B as a whole to reflect on our favorite episodes of the season.

5×15 – “Amplification”

via teenwolf.tumblr.com

via teenwolf.tumblr.com

Lauren: I enjoyed “Amplification” because I’m a sucker for episodes that have the whole pack working together. I love that everyone was involved in the plan to save Lydia, and this was the episode that made me truly fall in love with Parrish. More pack dynamics in Season 6 please!

Beth: Pretty sure “Amplification” is my favorite, even though I really liked specific parts of other episodes with a burning adoration because of who is kicking butt. Such as Crystal Reed showing up, all the girls having their moments to tap into their powers and work together, the friendships that were cemented, and Malia calling these darlings family. Wanting her family… see… such a hard decision to pick just one favorite.

5×16 – “Lie Ability”



Madison: I think it’s a tie between 5×16 and 5×17 (“A Credible Threat”). I absolutely loved how the pack communicated in these episodes. It was fabulous. It was basically everything I have wanted since the beginning of this show. These kids finally coming together to complete a goal – and COMMUNICATING successfully. A+ 100. Thanks for saving Lydia.

Chloe: There was so much to love in this episode – Part 2 of the big Eichen House escape – from shocking twists (Theo getting that Dread Doctor mask!) to teamwork dynamics we adore (whether friendly like Kira and Malia or delightfully antagonistic like Stiles and Theo). The pack successfully planned, worked together, and communicated to accomplish their goal of getting our Banshee babe the hell out of there. Add in the Stydia factor, and this was one of Teen Wolf‘s best episodes ever as far as I’m concerned.

5×20 – “Apotheosis”

via teenwolf.tumblr.com

via teenwolf.tumblr.com

Sherry: The finale, hands down. I get so frustrated sitting through episodes where so much is left unknown. I like the episodes where we get more traction, so this hit all my sweet spots. I mean, Kira is gone (I never got aboard that ship), my fave banshee got to kick a little ass and save the day, Parrish had his shirt off the entire episode (always a bonus) and Hayden got the bite. Everything was just on-point and very satisfying to watch.

Liz: I’d have to go with the finale because it literally had everything a girl could want. It had Kira kicking ass, Allison kicking ass from the other side, Lydia kicking ass. Not to mention the double crossing GALORE that went down. It raised the bar, especially with the end scene of the library and the three OGs sitting there. I loved it, from the beginning to the end. It had me on the edge of my seat and actually paying attention because you couldn’t miss anything or else you’d be like ???? for the next twenty minutes. Way to go Teen Wolf. Ya killed the game.

What was your favorite Teen Wolf 5B episode?

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