Let’s Talk ‘Teen Wolf’: The Nazi Werewolf + Season 6 Predictions

It’s that time again… Time for another painfully werewolf-less Teen Wolf hiatus. But before we go into full-on Season 6 speculation, there is still much to discuss about the season that just ended. The 5B finale left us all stunned as Deucalion revealed his true colors, Sebastien and the Beast were defeated as Mason rejoined the pack, and Theo was dragged back to whatever hell he came from – to name a few of the many twists and turns. Our Fangirlish Roundtable broke down the episode already, but we wanted to take some time to discuss Season 5B overall and how the finale ties into past – and future – episodes.

Last week, we shared our favorite episodes from Season 5B. Today, we’re looking forward at what the last few moments of the finale – the footprints of the resurrected Nazi werewolf – might mean for Beacon Hills, as well as more preliminary Season 6 predictions.

Sherry: I love love Hayden and the fact that she’s pack now, a full wolf. I’d love to see her really come into her own in Season 6. I also keep hoping at some point we will see Stiles get the bite. He has so much range, and I’d love to see that transition on display. As for the Nazi werewolf, I wonder if he (it?) is as much a villain as a victim. I would also love to see Derek return, if only for a short stint.

Beth: Noooooo! Nazi werewolf left footprints behind as it went. Definitely a freaky set up for next season, especially since this experiment was part of how the Dread Doctors managed to stay alive for so long. Also, Jeff Davis says this soldier will be the Big Bad for Season 6.

Madison: Nazi werewolves. Never did I think I’d be openly talking about this. I honestly have 0 predictions. I’m… perplexed as to where we’re gonna go next, but I’m excited for the ride.

Lyra: Theory #1: Nazi werewolf is going to blend into Beacon Hills. He’s not an idiot. He’s been watching/listening for way too long to not have learned a thing or two. (Or at least I like to think he was. No nap for him!) He doesn’t want to end up on the losing end like the Dread Doctors. NW (what I’m calling him from now on) is going to bide his time. He’ll learn about the new world order and about the pack. I suspect he knows all sorts of weird supernatural things and will use it for plans of world domination! Because let’s be honest, guy probably doesn’t have anything better to do.

Let’s not forget NW’s skin. To blend into Beacon Hills he’s going to magically regenerate all that nastiness into smooth as a baby’s bottom skin. It’s a general rule of thumb in Beacon Hills: if you want to blend in you’ve got to be smoking hot. Scott & Co. should really keep in mind that blazingly hot people are the bad guys always. Ex: Theo.

Theory #2: His skin will regenerate at the speed of lightning just for him to discover Netflix and chill. He won’t care about the pack. It’s all about Orange is the New Black and if Karen will learn that Matt is the Daredevil. Spoiler: she does.

Chloe: I mean, I think Lyra said all that needs to be said. The Nazi werewolf regenerating just to be taken out by the inescapable allure of Netflix & chill is exactly the hard-hitting, emotional plot we love to see in Teen Wolf. In all seriousness, I have very little idea of what to expect from this new baddie. It seems like he would’ve been another pawn of the Dread Doctors, but they aren’t exactly around anymore, so he’s going rogue. Will he be able to function in present-day society? Will he have extra powers from that goo tank? We just don’t know.

As far as general Season 6 predictions, based on what’s been teased I’m thinking we’ll see big changes for Stiles – hopefully not the kind that necessitate medical care – and (in an ideal universe) all the Stydia.

What do you think the Nazi werewolf will mean for Beacon Hills?

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