A Letter from Wally West A.K.A. Kid Flash


Dear Flarrowverse Fans,
Wally West here. If you guys haven’t heard the news, I’m gonna be leaving Central City for a while, and I honestly don’t know when I’ll be back. I’ve often heard that every hero has his/her own journey, and this will be the beginning of mine. I’m grateful to Barry and everyone on Team Flash who believed in me, but it’s time for me to be a leader and not just a sidekick. With Firestorm leaving the Waverider, there’s a huge opportunity to use my engineering background and my speed to help the Legends.

I know some of you are disappointed (especially since I have been ghosted with no good explanation, and truth be told I should have been at the trial) but the time I spent in Central City was the best time I’ve had in my life. Think about it- I found my dad and my sister. I got my powers and I met and fell in love with Jesse (we can talk about her Earth- 3 jumpin’ ass later).

With all the great things that have happened since I became a part of Team Flash, there were some shaky moments too. I admit, I’m cocky, and sometimes it’s hard for me being in Barry’s shadow. I have my signature move, and I love clowning around. That’s not always so easy for everyone at S.T.A.R Labs to deal with. And even though we are way past it, ya’ll know Barry and I didn’t have the easiest time getting adjusted to one another. That didn’t get any easier once I got my powers. Remember when I rushed to judgement and told Iris about Barry’s first proposal? I try not to think about it, but I almost destroyed the gold standard!

If I’m really honest with myself, part of that was looking out for my sister, but the other part was my anger at Barry. And for real, I’m not angry anymore. I love Barry- he’s my brother. He taught me how to phase and helped me believe in the good I can do with my powers, but as time goes on I realize Barry is the leader of Team Flash, and it’s really time for this Flash to move on and make a name for himself.

Think about this: There are plenty of Wests on the rise. Dad and Cecile are expecting and even though Barry is locked down right now, we all know he’ll be home before long. And with a bit of good luck from the speed force, I’ll be an uncle soon too. So don’t’ be sad or angry for me. This kid has his own legacy to forge, and I plan to have some hella fun doing it my way.

P.S. If you’ll truly miss me, I’ll only be one show away!
Wally A.K.A. Kid Flash

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