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Letters From Fangirlish: November’s Reflections

Letters From Fangirlish: November’s Reflections

Dear Readers,

As the year starts to wind down, we have to stop and ask ourselves, Did we accomplish what we wanted to this year?

Not going to lie, 2014 has been a struggle. One of personal growth and finding ourselves. As we constantly change, grow, and find the little pieces of us that we didn’t know existed, we wonder – are we doing enough? Are we being enough?

I remember when we got into websites. This was long ago, before owning a fan site was an easy thing. When Twilight first came about, we didn’t know that our lives would change. But as we posted effortlessly about the cast, about Rob and Kristen, about every move they made – we had no clue that our lives were changing. We started out as shy bloggers anxious to please, but grew into people ready to push the envelope, no matter what the repercussions.

It seems like just yesterday, we were on the red carpet for Breaking Dawn 2, making the whole world wonder who we were, along with our friends over at That’s Normal. We were ready to go out with a bang –

And we did.

But that was around the time that we were journeying from Twilightish and our friends over at That’s Normal were journeying from Letters to Twilight. We each were growing from our beginnings, and only hoping that we could find the ending that we wanted. And I would say that we have grown into people that we are proud of.

We wouldn’t change it for anything.

You may ask why you see That’s Normal stuff in our timeline. It’s because they are our besties, our other halves in this crazy world of blogging. We support them and they support us.

The truth is, if you get into this business, it’s really fucking competitive and cut throat. We’ve gone through the ringer. We have fought tooth and nail with some other blogs, sometimes coming out stronger, sometimes weaker. But everything has been a learning experience. One that we wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Lately, we’ve come out weaker, for something that wasn’t really our fault. But the thing is, we don’t want to comment on what goes on behind the scenes. We get that the Teen Wolf community is pissed at us, but I guarantee you this – we love them. And we’ll come out the other side, with more to say and more to do. We’ll always be here – but we’re offering a different perspective. And we’re okay with that perspective.

We’re okay with the ups and downs.

Because the truth is, everything is a lesson. Weither it’s one you want to learn or not, everything has a reason for happening. We know that.

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But it’s all how you move forward.

So for us, moving forward this month means continuing to find our footing, growing, and listening to what you have to say.

It also means a lot of writing. We’re working on Nanowrimo, another story, and several short stories about fandoms. The short stories will be things that actually happened, but the names and the fandoms have been changed. After all, you need to protect your sources, your memories, and all that jazz. You can find it all over on our Wattpad profile.

November also brings Mockingjay, which is bittersweet for us. As we wind down The Hunger Games movies, we want to cry. They have changed us and though we can’t say a lot – they have brought us to where we are in our personal lives. We take a lot of joy in what they have taught us.

So, as we settle into this month of uncertainty and winding down, I can only offer you this one truth – at the end of the day, we’ll be here.

And as always, I’m available whenever you need.


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