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Is Liam going to put a RING on it?

Is Liam going to put a RING on it?

Yes, I know I swore never to report on the 1D lads personal lives, girlfriends, and the like, but this particular rumor is one that I feel needs to be covered. Or, at least, contemplated in mass.

It is no secret that our own Liam Payne has been dating the lovely Cheryl F-V since earlier in the year. Since he posted that first joint selfie, the fandom has been abuzz with fascination with this new couple. Some positive, some negative, but that is usually par for the course when it comes to ‘our lads’ finding female companionship.

Well, it would seem that dear ol’ Payno may be taking this relationship to the next step. With Cheryl’s birthday later this week, rumor mills have been turning that Liam has purchased a rather impressive and personal gift….an engagement ring?



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The ring, said to mimic that of Cheryl’s lovely rose bum tattoo, is a black diamond in a bed of rubies. *le sigh* This latest step in the relationship comes only weeks after Cheryl ‘met the family’ at Liam’s sister Ruth’s wedding. Apparently, she won them over in grand style, and they believe she may be ‘the one’.

This latest step in the 1D romance department even has some betting rings taking wagers on whether or not this particular rumor is true and will come to reality….current stats are 4:1 incase you were wondering…

I suppose we will have to wait and see how this all plays out…either way, I for one am happy for the couple.

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