Liam Payne Takes It To The Studio

It is official…days after announcing he has signed a solo recording deal with Capitol Records, Liam Payne appears in the studio to begin recording! *eek*

36B43E0900000578-3714838-image-a-35_1469804619533Appearing at the West London studio sporting a grey jumper than looked rather lovely on him, Liam was no doubt starting the first step in this new journey apart from 1D. It has been 7 months since the hiatus began, with each of the lads dabbling in random things. Each have voiced their various solo pursuits, but this appears to be the first true sign that any of them have actually taken to the recording stage apart from the group. Granted, Liam and Harry have both worked on solo songs, their names appearing in credit with various projects. But, we have to admit, this is rather exciting to see Payno at a studio…

Of course, as Liam gushed about the prestige associated with the label and how honored he is to be a part of it, it would seem that Capitol feels the same


‘It’s not often you get the chance to sign such a talented and ambitious 22 year old who has already conquered the world.’ Nick Raphael, President of Capitol Records UK stated.


With Harry still working on his film career with Dunkirk, Niall moving towards golf management with his company in partnership with Modest! and Louis making appearances on Americas Got Talent, it would seems as though this hiatus is a working break for all of them!


Congrats Liam! We cant wait to hear what you’re working on!


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