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Life Lesson’s From Trailers: ‘Cinderella’

Life Lesson’s From Trailers: ‘Cinderella’

We love to learn from trailers – and Cinderella is no exception. Yes, we all know the tale – the girl with the wicked stepmother, fairy Godmother, glass slipper, and prince. The fairytale is one that we love, and after seeing Disney’s live action trailer – let’s talk about what it has to teach us.

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Lesson 1: Childhood is carefree if you live in the countryside. – I mean life is hard, we all know that. But one thing fairytales seem to teach us if you are British and you live in the countryside, you can run along like it’s nothing. Granted- most of them (well all of them) are set in days of past – but just shows you that we need to be able to travel through time so that life is easy and there is no internet to keep us tied down.

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Lesson 2: Having courage and being kind will lead you through all the trials that life can offer. – Solid advice Mom. Now, Cinderella’s mama died, so it’s a good thing that she left some sound advice. I mean granted, there are more advice that she could have been given. Don’t trust boys – they want in your skirt. Stand up for yourself – or you will fall for anything. But with as kind as Cinderella is, that was solid advice. We can all learn to be kinder to people, as you never know anyone’s story.

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Lesson 3: You find a woman with a cat on a leash – she’s probably a wicked stepmother. – It’s just weird. It’s just really weird. Cats are meant to roam free. It’s not a dog. If a person is putting their cat on a leash, they might as well be walking a balloon animal.

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Lesson 4: Men are stupid when they see a pretty face. – Pretty Face. Perky Rack. Well that means that a man looses his mind and can’t see anything else. There is nothing wrong with appreciating beauty, but don’t let it blind you. Or you know, your kid may end up living with the reincarnation of Satan’s sister.

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Lesson 5: People put you down because they have self esteem issues – especially ugly step sisters. – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we get that. We can appreciate that the stepsisters think that they are the shiznet – kudos for the self confidence. But that doesn’t give you the right to put anyone down. Cinderella’s sisters are biotches and we’re thinking that they are threatened by her good hair, good skin, and tiny little body.

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Lesson 6: Never head into the forest without looking good, cause you know Prince Charming could come along. – I get the need to run when you get mad. I frequently take walks. I have learned from this trailer though that I need to stop going out like I just scrubbed a toilet, because Prince Charming could show up. Then again – I don’t live near a forest… so no man on a horse is really gonna come along.

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Lesson 7: You never know who anyone can be. Be kind to everyone. – I mean we’ve all seen the person that we want to avoid, but what we see from this trailer is that person could have a wand and become your fairy Godmother.

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Lesson 8: A pumpkin can make a sweet ride. – Have to walk somewhere? Your car stalled? No worries. See the above lesson – find your fairy Godmother, and then a pumpkin. She can turn that shiznet into a sweet ride. Just make sure that you have some mice on the side cause you obvi need horses too.

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Lesson 9: A good outfit, hairdo, and glass slippers will make you unrecognizable. Once again – we’re advocating that beauty is on the inside, but if you need to be someone else, get a good hairdo, a dress in a color that you normally don’t wear, and some glass slippers (obviously you need to make sure that you apply no weight to these slippers, as in real life glass would crack). But all these things can disguise you from people that you don’t want to see you are you. No mask needed people.

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