Life Lessons From Ryan Reynold’s ‘Deadpool’ Trailer

In the past year, Teen Wolf made the term ‘deadpool’ a taboo. Fortunately for Teen Wolf fans, the Marvel comic character Deadpool is much less of a list and more of a bad-ass, dehumanized Wade Wilson dressed in stretchy fabric. In 2016, the Marvel classic will be brought to the silver screen with leading man Ryan Reynolds’ portraying Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds does the superhero thing again, but this time, it’s better. Reynold’s previous foray into the world of super powers was his disastrous run as DC’s Green Lantern (2011). Ultimately, the movie tanked for many reasons: terrible scripting, lack of chemistry, and suffered from the Achilles heel of all action adventure movies–too much CGI and animation.

Deadpool (2016) is a Marvel classic featuring a man willing to do whatever it takes to survive. With an indestructible sense of humor and a serious case of badassery, Deadpool takes life to the next level. Here are ten things that Deadpool’s DGAF attitude can teach us about life.

Lesson #1: Laughter makes every situation seem less bleak.

Sometimes, if you don't laugh, you'll cry.

I’m laughing because if I don’t, I’ll be sobbing all over the place. #uglycryinginside

There are times when life is so bad that we either laugh or we’ll cry. Who hasn’t experienced a series of unfortunate events at some point in their life? When it seems like everything is going wrong, it helps to laugh. Make a joke. Let the disappointment roll off your shoulders.  We aren’t capable of controlling every situation we find ourselves in, but we can control how we respond. Instead of bemoaning your week-long ride on the struggle bus, try to laugh it off. A hysterical laugh is better than ugly crying.

Lesson#2: Your choice of background music while fighting evil is important.


Old school hip hop is definitely the way to go when you’re about to throw down.

The soundtrack to your life is just as important as the event itself. When something sticks with you, you remember the oddest things about that moment–such as the perfume your friend was wearing, how blue the sky was, and what song your mom was humming in the background. If you’re about to get into a gravity-defying fight, then Michelle Branch has no place in that moment. The common choice would probably be rock music, but Deadpool goes with the off-kilter, but strangely fitting choice of old school hip hop. It fits his personality astonishingly well, but you need a certain type of swagger to pull that off. Try at your own risk. Until then, stick with some classic Linkin’ Park.

Lesson #3: Don’t call English people,”Posh Spice.” Only Deadpool can get away with that one.


Being called a bell-end, donut, wanker, or git really isn’t on my bucket list. If you want to potentially offend an English person, then be my guest, but I think that’s one party I’ll pass on. If you can wield a gun and throw a punch like Deadpool, then go for it.

Lesson #4: When someone in a designer suit offers you an easy way out, you should probably run. It’s almost definitely a trap.


The slimiest people are dressed impeccably. I feel like that should be on a motivational poster somewhere, because it’s the cold, hard truth. I’ve encountered some terrible people in this world and almost every one of them was dressed in couture clothing. If a Jimmy Choo-wearing, Prada bag-carrying woman decides to offer you a trip down Easy Street, it probably won’t end well for you.

Lesson #5: Don’t piss off the people who have you strapped to the table.



This one is sort of a given, really. I think the situation is bad enough if someone has you hog-tied to a table. Sassing them probably isn’t in your best interest, but if you’ve got nothing to lose, then go for it.

Lesson #6: Drawing is a fun, relaxing activity for vigilantes everywhere.

If I can run around taking out bad guys, then I deserve a little 'me' time.

If I can run around taking out bad guys, then I deserve a little ‘me’ time.

Even vigilantes like Arrow and Deadpool deserve a little downtime. If they need to utilize creative methods to release their epic man-pain and guilt, then more power to them. Sometimes, stick figures are cathartic.

Lesson #7: Some people give triumphant monologues. Others say something clever and sarcastic. Deadpool does a victory dance. In terms of victorious celebratory methods, methinks Deadpool wins.


Sometimes, the celebratory pelvic hip thrust is exactly what the situation calls for. Everyone knows that people who monologue about their triumphs or sad stories end up losing in the end. It’s much better to dance as you walk away. You can’t deny the intense satisfaction of a fist pump and a quick spin to celebrate your victory.

Lesson #8: Your best friends can be brutally honest with you.


If someone besides his best friend told Deadpool that he looks like “the topographical map of Utah” or like “an avocado had a baby with an older avocado,” they’d probably be pitched off a cliff.

Lesson #9: Everyone has their kinks. Deadpool seems to appreciate freshly fired gun smoke fumes.



Don’t judge the kinks. Everyone likes something different. You may find ‘pretzels with cheese’ weird and someone else may think it’s the most delicious thing on the face of the planet. If we can vary with our food interests, then the same can be said for our sexual interests.

Lesson #10: Red before green. Unless you’re Oliver Queen, and then you’re okay.


I love Arrow, but in the Marvel universe, red leather takes the cake. I think the world would actually implode if the Green Arrow and Deadpool ever met up on the silver screen. Can you even imagine? Stephen Amell’s ‘Arrow’ vs. Ryan Reynold’s ‘Deadpool’? They would have to out-sass each other.

Marvel’s Deadpool (2016) premieres in theaters on February 12, 2016.

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