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Life Lessons From Trailers: Why Him? Edition

Life Lessons From Trailers: Why Him? Edition

No will ever be good enough for you, according to your father.

Your Dad wants the best for you. We can appreciate that. We can appreciate the fact that a father just wants to love you, be there for you, and make sure that you are taken care of. So it shouldn’t be a shock that your father wants the best man for you to be with. Hell, the best person for you to be with. He’s gonna judge that person unlike anyone ever has. Nothing that the person that you love does will ever be good enough for your father – because you will always be the little girl who looked at him like he hung the moon. So we should all have a little patience for that. We should all respect that. And when you think about it – it is endearing.

You need to make sure that your man has a filter.

We all become traumatized if we walk in on our parents having sex. So do you think that your parent wants to hear about your sexy time? Hell to the no. So, make sure that even if the person in your life doesn’t have a filter – they find one when your family is around. They don’t need to hear about you opening up like a flower. Hell you don’t need to hear that. Also – never eat flowers – cause that will be the moment that someone tells you that you opened up like a flower.

Boundaries are important.

I am all about the personal space. All about it. If someone infringes upon my personal space then well – there may be a punch to the jugular. People need to respect space. So when you have the urge to walk in and sit on the side of someones bed when they are all ready for bed and want to stand off from you a little bit. Let’s be smarter people. Respect the boundaries.

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Always know what your tattoo says.

We all know that some of us – okay, maybe it’s just us – we have commitment issues. A tattoo is a life long commitment or you know, a life long regret. Make sure that you know what the hell that you are putting on your body. And if you are putting something on your body – make sure that your shit is taken care of. Red and pussy looks good on no one.

Why Him? opens in theaters December 26, 2016.

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