Life Sentence 1×04 Review: “How Stella Got Her Groove On”

Dear Lord almighty, if there’s one word to be said about “How Stella Got Her Groove On,” it would definitely be: ROLLER COASTER! Holy crap on a cracker, the amount of unexpectedness in this hour was more than even I anticipated. I still sincerely wish the plot would slow down sometimes, because the character stories are getting more compelling by the week. Stella is marching with everything she has into the modern world, and truthfully yes, this was my favorite episode so far.

This week Stella learned some truths about her education, or rather lack thereof, the secret work of her husband, and failing can’t really be avoided in the real world. Wes struggled with his dive back into a job he hates for money, and Aiden wakes up to a surprise that reveals how impulsive and kind hearted this man dude is all together.

Let’s dive in shall we?

Working aka the Pinnacle of Adulting

Let’s face it most of us have strapped on a uniform, a cap or some fancy work clothes to march into a place we absolutely don’t want to be in the necessity of paying our bills. Stella and Wes learn that lesson the hard way, in their respective side by side struggles of living without the help they’d been relying on for half a year. As much as I respect Stella aiming higher at a manager position, it equals my annoyance with her dad for lying about finishing high school. In hindsight it was a kind lie to a teen with cancer, but now it’s a reality that’s hurting Stella. Wes wants to work on his passion, which involves Elliot Knight being shirtless building furniture. Wes I highly endorse this, please build all the furniture YOU WANT!

Sadly the passion work doesn’t hold a candle to the consulting work at night he’d been doing in secret. Wes I appreciate your effort to provide for you and Stella, but lying is NEVER a good choice. Especially to a woman who’s been lied to enough as it is for the past eight years. If I had been Stella, I would have assumed the worst too. Though Lucy Hale’s ability to be outraged and hilarious all in one makes me want to bow down to her talent right now and forever.

The way forward involves honesty, which opens up a whole new chapter of family drama surrounding Aiden this week.

Truth is Freedom without a Fancy House

Aiden got a lot of screen time surrounding his ability to be a charming, but good hearted idiot who learned the hard way about impulsiveness on big life decisions. I say idiot with a lot of love, but mostly because who in God’s name can pull off flirting in this day and age using the term “baby mama?” Ignoring that, Aiden in heart eyes over a mansion agrees to move in with Marlene, after learning her husband up and left her for the sake of “being close.” Dude for a smooth talker, you are not the best liar I can literally see the excitement rolling off about having a house with a pool.

Stella turns into the voice of reason opposite her brother on this decision, so he decides to top it by proposing at the first ultrasound! I think my head was going to explode at the surprise factor, and Stella matched my expression perfectly! Despite the fact that I was writing Aiden off at this point, his sincerity rang true on wanting to be there for his child (ouch), and as sound as Stella’s points were on how crazy this was it’s hard to fight sincerity.

Too bad it ended up being…..unnecessary.

Couple Fights to Family Dinners = Awkward Extraordinaire!

Stella broke my heart for the first time tonight, when she froze during the GED test after being hit with all the lies of what she thought she’d accomplished. Reality has a habit of crashing down on you when she walks into the apartment to a celebratory cake from Wes making cracks about spending money they don’t have on it. In a flash these two ended up going from respectively fighting for their lives, to actually fighting over their struggles to make a living together.

You know it’s good writing when I honestly can’t pick either side, because both of them make valid points on a common issue most adults can relate to.

Wes’s confession to Diego, in a moment of guy to guy solidarity, about working at a job he hates to support Stella opened up why he would choose to lie to her. The second she found out she was absolutely against it, because she doesn’t want him to abandon doing what he loves for the sake of money. Stepping up to study for the GED so she can make more and do more on her part, is her way of trying to help, but it doesn’t always work out the way you want it to.

I was relieved that Stella recognized how hard he was working to put her first, and heartbroken for a second time, when she confessed to her mom she isn’t sure she’s worth the sacrifice. For the record, yes sweetie you absolutely are.

That drama however pales in comparison to Aiden and his family quickly going from brain spinning news on the engagement announcement, to figuring out from the sonogram dates Marlene wasn’t having Aiden’s baby.

Oh dear lord what is this show?

One I’m really starting to get attached to, because despite all the dizzy plot twists, I found myself eagerly on the ride to find out what was going to happen next to all these characters. Thankfully after the truth comes out, Aiden surprises me yet again, by being kind and understanding to Marlene who claims she didn’t realize he wasn’t the father. I’m not sure I buy that one, but I was glad she made him be honest for once about what he really was going to do moving forward. Which definitely doesn’t include staying with her or marrying her impulsively.

As up and down the entire hour was, it ends on a high note with Stella getting some good advice from the last person I expected. Yes it was the bitchy boss, who owned who she was, and simultaneously welcomed Stella to working there while she figures out her life. Stella is many things, but her tenacity is what I’m starting to admire most especially after getting into a “who’s more stubborn” argument with her dad on living life on her terms.

Thank God for miracles, cause now she has the choice and the freedom to spend time where she can find the meaning she’s looking for. Some days that means bringing a burger to Sadie so she can have real food, and not have to eat alone in her hospital room.

God, it really is the little things isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

  • For the first time this season it was nice to see Peter and Ida being kind to each other despite all the upheaval in their lives. Ida is taking after her daughter to live life with Poppy on her terms, which sometimes include taking the grand kids last minute because Diego hates Stella for supporting his wife’s writers retreat. Ah don’t you love family? haha
  • I loved Stella choosing to give Sadie the truth about her cancer experience rather than the kind lies she’s grown used to. It’s hard to believe in yourself in regular life, let alone when you have cancer. I can’t relate to the latter personally, but Stella opening up can only pay it forward in a way that is far richer than any money she could be earning as a manager right now.
  • Diego calling that evening at Marlene’s the weirdest family dinner ever, is a massive UNDERSTATEMENT.
  • For the record if you run into an old classmate who battled cancer for eight years, and was miraculously cured, how about choosing not to be a total bitch and look down at her job choice at a coffee shop?
  • If you ever want to write more excuses for Elliot Knight to be shirtless I am all for that. For reasons to do entirely with scientific observation.

How about you Life Sentence fans? Did you enjoy tonight’s outing with the Abbott’s?

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