‘Life Sentence’ 1×05 Review: “Wes Side Story”

‘Wes Side Story’, you have officially taken the spot of my favorite episode of Life Sentence yet. For the first time the pace didn’t even ring a bell, and my fictional loving heart is getting more attached to these characters, so much that the idea of this showing going away is BAD. So cross your fingers we got a lot more coming our way my fellow fans.

Tonight’s hour honed in on secrets coming to light, between Wes’s ex fiance popping up, Lauren outing herself as a terrible influence/person/soccer mom, and family drama resulting from all of the above.

Let’s dive in shall we?

Lies will always work until Honesty comes into the Room

Let’s face it, all of us at one point in our lives have chosen to lie versus tell the truth because it was the “easier” choice, or we rationalized the hell out of it till our conscience was clear. It might make sense at the time, but those kinds of choices have a tendency to come back to haunt you. Wes learned that lesson the hard way tonight, when his ex Pippa showed up at his and Stella’s doorstep.

Which really made me sad/mad or smad if you like, cause I was deeply enjoying Stella’s plan to have a Paris bubble weekend with her hubby, to recapture some time they’ve been missing due to opposite work schedules. The opposite work schedule struggle is a pain in the rear, which way too many people know about in the real world. Everything was going great, until the guest showed up and interrupted naked shower time. (Damn it!)

I’d say that was the most awkward point of the hour, but unfortunately awkward came in spades, which started with the hot doctor Grant asking Stella to a fundraiser to help Sadie get into a chemotherapy trial. Every reason he gave was likely 100% true, but given his “running” into her at the coffee shop and rambling about his seven month comment to getting tickets for just them last minute it’s not hard to guess what he’s thinking.

Or rather feeling and trying to find excuses to spend time with Stella.

Luckily Stella keeps her awkwardness tucked in to save her energy on dealing with the Pippa situation. I’ll be honest I don’t think I could ever handle an ex of my husband showing up that gracefully let alone throwing a last minute tea party together. The awkward continues from here with the family drama!

Family is the best(worst) at keeping Secrets

I’d say family life in our world is not this complicated, but odds are someone or an entire family is proving me wrong as I type. Aiden tries so hard to be the good son who genuinely wants to stay on good terms with his dad, which translates to lying about sleeping with the woman his dad is “getting along with.” Who lost my good opinion the second she dragged Peter through the door an hour late high on drugs, to the closing of the family home.


Before everything blew up in that scenario, Ida and Poppy were cracking me up on their observations about Lauren. Though seriously Ida, who assumes the first woman their ex husband moves on with is hooker and/or homeless? Her concern turned to rambling phone calls was priceless, but it felt real in that it was easy to tell the difference between someone who truly cared about Peter’s well being versus the floozy who gave him prescription drugs she bought from his son.

Aiden accidentally busting himself for sleeping with Lauren I was not surprised at, but fighting with his dad over his choice to sell drugs has been coming since the Pilot. Good luck at getting a real job Aiden, since I think you’re going to need it, good looks or no.

The truth always comes to Light

It’s hard to imagine dealing with the scenario Stella faced as straightforward as she did, mostly because it’s a premise you never see on television. Despite all this, when she invited Pippa over so Wes could forgive her leaving him at the altar, it turned out far different than she imagined. The remembrance of their time & last meal in Paris was a heart warming tale, until the ex fiance bombshell.  Elliot Knight conveyed so much in a single look from the shock, and emotion rising to the surface when Pippa revealed she’d come to Paris and seen him with Stella.

Their fight afterward proved once again how lying to Stella is never a good choice now even if it was in the past, but it also answered questions about Wes regarding his decision to be with Stella in the first place. He was a man untethered and heart broken, and he met a wonderful lady in a time and place he never expected. It wasn’t planned in the slightest, but despite his choice to lie it’s hard to miss the sincerity.

I may or may not admit to fist pumping, when Wes visited Pippa to make clear he’s not staying with Stella out of duty or honor, but because he absolutely loves her and draws the line at continued contact with Pippa. Stella’s choice to leave the too comfortable conversation with Dr Grant, only opened up that struggle further and, I found myself relating to these characters as easily as I would people going through this situation here in our world.

If you ask me, that’s some damn good writing. Whatever happens next I’m happily going to stay in camp Westella, no matter what wrenches other hot people throw in.

Final Thoughts

  • In a character honed in hour we were missing a few characters tonight, and to be honest I was relieved for the first time. This show does a lot better with pacing and storytelling if they aren’t constantly trying to cram in the entire ensemble every single episode.
  • The lack of poker faces had me rolling more than once because, one I didn’t believe for a second the cover stories Dr Grant and Pippa were ranting about in wanting to see Stella and Wes respectively. Two rambling is a dead giveaway, I would know I do it all the time when I’m nervous.
  • I can’t say how nice it was to see Peter and Ida talking like adults, and how they went from parents to their kids all of a sudden trying to protect them.
  • Favorite scene is tied between two in this hour: First was the father daughter talk, where Peter was there when Stella needed him to tell the truth and encourage her over what happened with Wes. Second is when Stella came home, sat down and had dinner with her hubby that she chooses to be with free of anything hanging over her head, and vice versa for Wes.
  • Can it be April 27th now?

Life Sentence airs Fridays at 9/8c on the CW.

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