‘Limitless’ May Be My New Favorite Show… Cause – BRADLEY COOPER

I really can’t add anymore shows into my rotation. I can’t. I mean I am trying very hard to cut down on television, but then all these upfronts keep happening and I am being forced to add more into the rotation. And yes, I say forced. Because CBS has just forced me to fall in love with their show Limitless with one brilliant move.

What was that move?

That was announcing that Bradley Cooper will be appearing as much as his schedule permits. Yes, you read that right. There is the opportunity to stare at Bradley Cooper, and I am for one taking advantage of that.

What’s the show about? Inspired by the movie, LIMITLESS is a visually creative action thriller about a man who discovers a mysterious drug that allows him to access 100% of his brain and ends up using his new abilities for the greater good.

Guys, I may not have liked the movie, but I am gonna give this show a chance because – once again, Bradley Cooper.

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