The Little Hours is a Light Hearted Comedy About Harsh Nuns: A Review

If you’re into foul mouthed nuns who also have side gigs in some pretty weird stuff, the Little Hours is definitely the comedy for you.

The Little Hours is a sweet little comedy that is worth spending your night with but not necessarily the best movie of the year. A story based on nuns in a monastery in possibly medieval times, The Little Hours is surprisingly about sex, drinking, and witchcraft.

Starring Alison Brie, Dave Franco, Aubrey Plaza, and a star-studded comedy cast, you’d think you’d be laughing your way out of the theater. But the movie didn’t really do that for me. Again, not to say it wasn’t funny. It was but maybe that isn’t necessarily the main goal of the film. Here’s how I left it: Smiling and feeling like I enjoyed the movie. It is an easy watch, it’s only about an hour and a half, and there are plenty of funny moments to enjoy.

The story follows three nuns: Fernanda (Aubrey Plaza), Alessandra (Alison Brie), and Genevra (Kate Micucci). They basically are just some rogue nuns who like to drink and have sex and swear. No really, that’s the majority of the plot.

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Most of those at the monastery are terrible people. The priest is always drunk, Dave Franco’s character Massetto is lying to everyone and Fernanda is a witch. What happens is Massetto has an affair with his master’s (Nick Offerman) wife. He is caught and has to run away so he’s not killed.

The priest (John C. Reilly) is drunk and has crashed his cart on the way to the market and Massetto has decided to help him. From there, Massetto goes back to the monastery but has to pretend to be a deaf/mute so the sisters don’t scare him away.

One way ticket to crazy town

Basically it goes array as Alessandra and Massetto start sleeping together. From there, the movie is a bit crazy town but still has great moments.

Massetto ends up getting taken back to his master when Fred Armisen comes to the monastery and rids them all of the sins they have committed. So rather than them letting him die at the hands of his former master, the nuns go to help break him out. They do and Alessandra and Massetto run back to the monastery and the former priest and Molly Shannon have sex in the woods.

Should you see it?

Yes. It’s a great comedy that has fun characters and really lovely performances. It’s not a long movie and it’s a pretty surprising story over all. Plus who doesn’t love a movie jammed packed cast with great comedy legends?

The Little Hours releases in New York and Los Angeles, June 30th.

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