Little Mix Cover Notion Magazine

We’re obsessed with Little Mix. Don’t care what anyone has to say – they are like the modern day Spice Girls. They are all about girl power and amazingness and we love that.

The group covers Notion Magazine’s No. 72 issue and they are all kids of amazing in it.

Leigh-Anne on fashion: “Fashion is 100% my way of expressing myself. I thought, I’m so into it, let me just start a blog! I write it all myself and I’ve got really into it. I loved creative writing when I was younger. Being in a group, it is harder to get yourself across; you have to try extra hard as you’re all in it together. It’s nice for each of us to have something which defines us, and my blog is mine… I would love for us to have our own line, with River Island or Topshop, or just on our own…”

Jesy on her upcoming marriage: “We don’t want to get married for a good few years yet, we’re so young so we’re just enjoying being engaged, plus we’re so busy. We have no time to plan! I like the idea of it being really simple, not in a church but somewhere completely different, outside and in nature. I love fairylights in trees and that kind of stuff! When I first thought, I was gonna go big, but now I’m thinking simple!”

Perrie on dating: “I always say I like my own company, to the point where that person would have to compete! I love doing my own thing, it just makes me feel more independent and I think we both agree that when someone comes along, they need to compliment you. I don’t think a woman should ever feel the need for a man.”

The magazine is available in the U.K. – you can order it here.


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