There Is A Live Action Mulan Movie Coming

There are a lot of live action movies from our favorite Disney cartoons – Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book, and the upcoming Beauty and the Beast are just a few.

But, guys there is another one coming and this one we couldn’t be more excited for. Mulan.

That’s right – you read that correctly. Mulan is heading for a live action remake. The original film which stars the voice talents of Eddie Murphy, Ming-Na Wen, and B.D. Wong, is still one of our favorite movies in the world. But the idea of a live action one – we’re all for it.

According to Variety the movie would be shot in China with a predominately Chinese cast. The movie isn’t being called a remake – it’s more of a reboot that will be made by Sony and partially financed by former Sony exec Doug Belgrad. So are we expecting the Disney version we love? Nope. But we’ll take it. We’re all about this.

We will definitely take it.

Would you be excited for a live action Mulan?


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