Logan’s Final Trailer is Violent and Intimate

Logan Final Trailer

Is this an X-men movie or an indie western? After releasing only one trailer and a few photos, 20th Century Fox has just released the final trailer for Logan, Hugh Jackman’s (supposedly) final film as Wolverine. The first trailer wowed audiences with its somber tone and Johnny Cash song in the background. It made this multi million dollar film feel like a low budget character study—a dramatic change from traditional comic book film trailers.

The second trailer feels a little bit lighter with some humor tossed in here and there. It opens up with the mysterious girl in a 7/11, drinking a soda without paying for it. The clerk tries to lecture her but is given a major beatdown in response. Logan comes in and yells at her to stop, making us chuckle with his paternal-like struggles.

We are given more background on this mysterious girl, who fans speculate to be X-23. We see how dangerous she can be, slicing up throats left and right. What’s really interesting is that she have claws—similar to Wolverine’s—making it more likely that she is X-23.

Lastly, it looks like the filmmakers are having a lot of fun with their R-rating. In the red band trailer, there’s already a ton of blood and cursing to go around. After Deadpool’s major success, Logan could be the next successful R-rated comic book film.

Logan will be released on March 3, 2017.

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