Lots Of Cast Members Added To ‘Good Trouble’

Spin offs. I mean lets be real, some of them are great. Some of them are like what the hell – let it go. We have to admit, even though we’re okay with the fact that The Fosters has ended, we didn’t think their stories were even close to being over. That’s why we’re excited for the spin-off where we will continue to follow Callie and Mariana’s lives.

When any show starts up, we know that there is going to be a cast to fall in love with. 5 cast members were added to the cast of Good Trouble (the name of The Fosters spin-off) and we’re excited.

Tommy Martinez, who you may know from Riverdale scored a lead role in the spin-off – who we’re thinking is going to be a love interest for Callie or Mariana. Either one will do. He’s going to play Gael, a socially conscious graphic designer. He lives in Callie and Mariana’s apartment complex in Los Angeles.

There are more characters in the apartment building – Zuri Adele will play former foster kid Malika, Emma Hunton, who is a teacher living in the complex and Sherry Cola will be apartment complex manager Alice.

Yet the show is set in Los Angeles, and this isn’t Melrose Place. Things happen outside the apartment building. Roger Bart will be a series regular as well, playing Judge Wilson. If you watched the series finale you know that Callie is going to cleark for a conservative judge. Ken Kirby has been cast as Benjamin, a fellow clerk who works with Callie.

The 13-episode freshman season of Good Trouble is filming currently in Los Angeles.