Lottie Tomlinson off Selena Gomez REVIVAL tour?

Anyone familiar with the One Direction world, know Lottie Tomlinson. Sister of Louis, apprentice to Lou Teasdale, 1D hair/makeup artist, and recent addition to Selena Gomez world Revival tour. Lottie had done work for countless jobs, including London fashion week and X Factor, but this was her first big solo gig.


At only 17, she is the youngest on the roster. The two hit it off after Lottie helped Selena with some makeup touches while guest starring on X Factor last year. So, of course, after chumming it up Selena asked Lottie to join her on her latest tour.


Well, it would seem that has ended….as it barely began at all.

According to Lottie, Selena decided to go with local makeup artists, as it was ‘cheaper’??? Um…


But don’t worry about Lottie. It would seem she has already landed a new role, working with X Factors Louisa Johnson. Having already worked her magic on Louisa during X Factor, there is no doubt Lottie has nothing to worry about despite this momentary gutting.


Carry on, Lottie…carry on…


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