Louis Tomlinson appears on Americas Got Talent…and he looks right at home!

Making is debut on the opposite side of the judges table than when he started his career, Louis Tomlinson appeared on Americans Got Talent last night along side Mel B and Simon Cowell.

Tomlinson’s appearance has been anticipated by the 1D fandom since it was announced he would be a guest judge this season, and Tommo didn’t disappoint.

louis-tomlinson-makes-his-debut-as-guest-judge-tsrAppearing for Judges Cut week, Tomlinson follows the likes of George Lopez and Reba McIntyre, in the week following auditions where judges narrow down the number of acts before the live shows begin. Twenty acts perform, with only seven making it to the coveted live show.

As the guest judge, Tommo didn’t just get a buzzer…he got THE buzzer. The golden buzzer which allows an act, if they impress him strongly enough, to get a straight pass to the live show round. But despite the privilege of this special spot, Louis can only send one act through, so needs to choose wisely.

In the clips showcasing hints from Tommos appearance, you can see him tell one act they ‘should be really proud’ and other, receiving that golden buzzer win. But, we will have to wait and see who it is he felt strongly enough to send directly through to the live show!


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