Louis Tomlinson Doppelganger?

Little lad Freddie Tomlinson recently turned five months old, and to say that he is becoming the spitting image of his dear ol dad is the understatement of the year. From the moment he rolled out of the womb, little Freddie has been stealing the hearts of the fandom just like Tommo Sr.

In celebration of the little ones recent 5 month mile stone, we’re going to have a little doppelganger match up with Daddy!


Starting off with baby Louis, matched against baby Freddie, how could anyone even tell them apart?


Louis starting school…you can see that mischievous look in his eye even then. Well, little Freddie has the twinkle of a little troublemaker just like Lou!


Moving on a few years, a whole lot of success, and you get yourself a smiling Tommo. Of course, his son would be just has happy…little ball of sunshine they both are!


Louis is known for a few certain facial expressions…in fan photos, he’s either goofy, smiling, or shocked. Well, it would seem little Freddie has already mastered the latter.


Closing off our little comparison of daddy and son, you’ve got the sass master from Doncaster giving you his best ‘yeh right, mate’. Freddie…you’re just like daddy.



As our little bean gets older, there is no doubt that the resemblance between him and his famous father will only increase. As will our obsession with his cuteness, and our insatiable desire for everything little Tommo.


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