Louis Tomlinson Wants To Get More Involved With Charity Work

The thing in life is – you can always use your powers for good or you can use them for… well, not so good. No one has a bigger choice than how to use their power than celebrities. You can use it to fight for the good in the world or you can use it to party your life away and hope that no one notices that you have just spent all your time at the Chateu Marmont. Choices. Life is about choices.

So as we come closer to the day that a few million girls hearts break (you know what I am talking about – the day that One Direction takes their break – we have to wonder what they will do.

We do know more about what Louis Tomlinson will do. He’s going to spend more time doing charity work.


The man told Entertainment Weekly, “Being my age and being able to be in a position where I can help people out and give opportunities to other people is the most exciting thing to me.”

Standing Ovation for that sentiment over here Louis!

We know that Louis will be spending some of his down time with family and getting used to being a new Dad – but we’re excited to see where his charity work takes him. Aren’t you?

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