“Love” 2×01 Recap: “On Lockdown”

Paul Rust & Gillian Jacobs

Alright, who’s ready for some ridiculous choices and stupid adults? If you raised your hand that means you’re ready to watch Love season two with me! Hopefully if you’re reading this article that means you watched season one . If not, then check out this quick recap, or watch the show! Alright, who’s ready for this hot mess?


Season two picks up where season one left off. Mickey runs into Gus at the gas station where they initially met. She admits that has issues and that she needs to be alone for a year. And then… Gus kisses her… right after she says that she wants to give up dating for a year. Mickey immediately pushed Gus away saying “No”, and the clueless idiot still doesn’t get it.  Mickey’s car is blocking the exit to the gas station exit and a guy trying to get out keeps beeping, interrupting the conversation. Both Mickey and Gus yell at the dude, but he persists. Mickey just relents and tells Gus to get in the car. Of course, Gus must get his $30 dollar bag of snacks even though Mickey needs to move her car ASAP.

Mickey’s not happy that she’s with Gus. Seeing as she’s trying to avoid dating and the guy forced his mouth on her mouth makes things a little weird. Plus, there’s so much sexual tension, I can feel it leaping off my TV. Mickey’s ideal night including apologizing to Gus, leaving, by herself, and putting on her “house pants”.  But now, she’s now stuck with the last guy she wants to be with, and he keeps offering her snacks. Gus bought pretty much everything the gas station has. Mickey, annoyed, asks “Did a 5th grade class invite you over for a slumber party?”. Gus replies “I just want to eat my feelings” in an annoying voice. As someone who always eats their feelings, $30 worth of snacks is way too much.

Awkward Walk-Ins

Gus and Mickey go back to her house, and Gus presses her about the “stuff” she told him about, but Mickey doesn’t want to talk, she feels that she told him everything. At this point, Mickey is done. Not even done, more than done. Overcooked. Gus, being Gus doesn’t get the hint and keeps pressing. Just let it up, man! Gus apologizes for kissing Mickey, he lets her know what he’s “here to listen”. Mickey responds with annoyed look (same). She accuses Gus of hitting on her, and wanting sex, which Gus vehemently denies, even though there is some tension brewing… which isn’t helped by Bertie, Mickey’s roommate having really loud sex with her boyfriend Randy.

Bertie walks out looking all disheveled, and it’s pretty obvious that she was getting her world rocked.  She’ shocked and embarrassed to see Gus and Mickey. Visibly embarrassed, Bertie says that her and Randy were watching a Ted Talk about city infrastructure (hey, Ted Talks CAN get pretty sexy). Randy, all out of breath with a sweaty shirt appears, not really helping the situation. After some awkward pauses Bertie admits that her and Randy were getting it on. She apologizes for being really loud, but she’s loud because she doesn’t express her anger and emotions properly (preach). The awkward tension is so palpable, I’m sinking into the floor out of embarrassment. Mickey and Gus decide to get the hell out, because the sexual tension is too much.


The pair grab some food, and Gus continues to press Mickey about her addictions. The sexual tension between the two is growing. Mickey really doesn’t want to talk about anything pertaining to her addictions, or her and Gus’s relationship, homegirl just wants to go home and put on her comfy pants. Outside of Gus’s apartment, Mickey tells him that even though she’s not dating for a year, she still wants to try and be friends. Gus agrees, and they go inside his apartment so she can pee. There’s even more awkward tension/conversations, and just as Mickey gets ready to leave, the cops show up.

The scene outside of the Springwood Apartments complex is like a scene from CSI or Cops. Helicopters everywhere, cops all over the parking lot, blocking the entrances and exits. A massive car chase is happening in Silverlake, and the whole neighborhood needs to be on lockdown until the culprit is caught. Uh-oh, this is not helping the weird sexual vibes that Mickey and Gus are currently feeling. Knowing this, Mickey begs the cops to let her leave, but she is turned down. Multiple times. Gus’ friends/neighbors Chris, Frank and Allan join them. The group speculates on the crime, and decide to hang out in Allan and Frank’s apartment.

Back at Allan and Frank’s place (which is pretty tricked out) Mickey asks about how long the lockdown could last. 10 hours is usually the average. She’s not happy, and is anxious to  get out. Upon discovering that Frank and Allan have a telescope, Mickey uses it to look for her car to find a quick getaway. In the conversation corner Chris asks Gus what the deal is between him and Mickey; Gus explains to Chris and Allan that the lockdown isn’t really helping the situation because he and Mickey are trying not to hookup. Mickey suggests to take the telescope up on the roof to try and find her car, and the group obliges.

The “Great” Escape

Mickey’s decides to make her escape on foot, and to call an Uber the minute she’s outside of the complex. Stressed, Mickey tries to light a cigarette, and Gus helps her out by getting a little too close, and Mickey is not feeling it. She abruptly says she needs to get out because tension, and Gus says he’ll help her escape. The duo make their escape, and make it close to the outskirts of the Springwood property lines. They’re in the dark, in a heavily shaded area, and things are getting creeeepy.

Mickey hears someone in the distance, and a freakout ensues. The cops show up. Mickey panics and starts to run, and of course… Gus follows. He runs likes an idiot, and falls. The cops run towards Gus, thinking he’s the man they want. As per usual, Gus does not keep his stupid gob shut, and goes off on a nervous tangent about how he respects the cops and that his uncle is a cop, and he’s tackled to the ground.

Finally, Gus is free, but injured, and he and Mickey are back where they started, his apartment. Finally accepting that she won’t be able to go home, Mickey asks if she can crash. Gus agrees, and they awkwardly sleep on top of his bed, side by side. Things are awkward as hell, and Mickey makes them even more awkward by bringing up kissing (which they don’t do thank God).


  • We’re only one episode and there is so much sexual tension between Mickey and Gus. Will they be able to actually be friends?
  • Bertie is so cute, and  I want her to have nice things.
  • Gus is just painful, and it’s only one episode in. Does he understand anything?
  • I really hope Mickey sticks to going to her Addicts Anonymous meetings. I want to her get better.
  • Is it a good idea for Mickey and Gus to be sharing a bed together? Probably not.