‘Love’ 2×04 Recap: ‘Shrooms’


Things get a little trippy this time around on “Love”. Let’s recap.

A “Quiet” Night At Home

We start with a knock on the door. It’s probably a few days later, and Gus is coming over to Mickey’s house. The two greet each other affectionately, and Mickey suggests they order some food and hang out. She hopes it’s not “too lame”. Gus then draws her in for a kiss. It looks like theses two are taking things seriously. Let’s see how long it lasts. While looking through her desk for takeout menus, Mickey finds “ye olde drug box” which contains all of the drugs she hasn’t taken yet. She goes through it with Gus, finding edibles, cocaine, ecstasy, and lots of other items that wold probably make a dealer very happy. Gus comments that the box is a “party” and Mickey offers the drugs to Gus. He gets a little awkward, asking if it’s okay for Mickey to do that, seeing as she’s sober. He worries that her still having drugs would her temptation to start using again. Mickey resolves to throw out all of her drugs.

Turns out Mickey has a lot of drugs stashed throughout her house. Gus helps her go through her bathroom, desk, kitchen to get rid of any tempting paraphernalia. The last things they find are some mushrooms in the freezer. According to Mickey, they’re special because she had one of the best days of her life tripping on them at Legoland, making her reluctant to throw them out. She offers them to Gus who claims to not be a shrooms guy, even though he’s never tried them. Bertie comes home just as the intense shrooms conversation is happening. She asks where Randy is, who we haven’t seen at all yet this episode. Bertie, you good? Are you on shrooms? Nope, she’s not, Randy was just hiding in her room the entire time, and Mickey didn’t know it. Creepy. Bertie and Mickey both ask Randy to give a heads up the next time he’s there. Bertie enthusiastically asks Mickey for her shrooms, saying the best summer of her life was when she was constantly on peyote with some skaters. Randy says the last time he did shrooms he had a really bad trip, but he still wants to do them. Mickey suggests that Gus, Bertie, and Randy all do shrooms together, which Bertie and Randy agree too, but Gus is a little reluctant.

Hotmail Accounts are Untrustworthy

Seeing as she’s trying to stay sober, Mickey volunteers herself as the sober guide/guru. Despite her excitement, Gus is still worried about doing drugs in front of her. Mickey reassures him that she’s never had an issue with shrooms, and she can’t really trust someone who’s never had a trip before, it’s essentially like still have a Hotmail account (does Hotmail still exist?). Gus agrees, saying it’s like meeting someone who’s never seen Die Hard. Everyone’s seen Die Hard except Mickey (and me, how do you like me now, Bruce Willis ?).

“If it Tastes Like Sh*t, it’s a Good Thing

Okay, so I know nothing about recreational drugs. The only things I know about drugs are from years of watching Breaking Bad. Apparently, according to Randy, the shrooms will taste bad, but “if it tastes like shit, it’s a good thing”. Meaning that the more horrible the taste, the more powerful the trip. Mickey corrects Randy telling the group that if you put the mushroom in food, you can get the trip without the bad taste. She makes some peanut butter sandwiches for the group, and they place the ‘shrooms in them, taking big bites.

Time has passed, and nothing is happening. Gus, Bertie, and Randy feel NOTHING, and it’s been almost an hour. Mickey suggests they dance in order to get the drugs flowing. After a fun dance party, the shrooms start to kick in. Gus all of a sudden gets really zoned out, the drugs are kicking in!

Deep Thoughts

The drugs have just kicked in, and things are starting to get real. Randy has thoughts he needs to get off his chest or he’ll have a bad trip. He confesses to Gus that he worries about the future a lot. Seeing how nice Bertie and Mickey’s house is making him wonder if he’ll ever have a house, or just live in a sad apartment for the rest of his life. Gus agrees and the both talk about how nothing significant has happened in their lives yet, even though at this point in time, something should have happened. I thought shrooms were supposed to be fun?

Meanwhile, Bertie;s hanging with Mickey in her bedroom, and she’s totally fascinated with candles (she’s feeling the shrooms too). Honestly, seeing lit candles on top of a bed makes me so nervous. What if they move a certain way?  Bertie starts saying some deep thoughts about warmth, and gets way too involved with the lit candles. Mickey suggests for everyone to go outside.

The Outside

Bertie, Gus, and Randy are still tripping, so they play with the kid-next-door;s toys. They’re having so much fun. Mickey supervises from afar, smoking a cigarette, looking a little annoyed. Bertie and Gus break off and test out different accents on each other. Randy joins Mickey and goes on a rant about how humans really haven’t evolved that much. He argues that humans have the brains of barbarians and our brains have really only evolved for hunting, eating and sucking the blood out of animals. He then makes things weird by saying he could kill Mickey if he wants to but putting his thumbs into her skull. Um, what?

Gus and Bertie reminsce about the time they moved furniture together and decide to do it again because “it felt so good”. Randy is still going on about how easy it would be to kill Mickey which is freaking both her and me out. How does he know how to kill someone? It’s almost natural. I’m uncomfortable. Mickey starts to get frusteated because everyone is “peaking” and she’s the only sober one. She goes to her room, where one mushroom remains. It’s pretty obvious at this point that she’s considering taking it. Gus joins and she tells him that she wants to take the last mushroom, and he autmomatically writes it off as a bad idea. Mickey is about to put the shroom in her mouth whe Gus snatches it out and eats it. Oh man, this is not going to end well.

Beast in the Backyard

A tender moment between Mickey and Gus is interrupted by a coyote. Yes, you read that right. I don’t live in California, so the fact that coyotes can just wander into a backyard is a bit of a shock to me. Of course, everyone is scared, except Randy. Still super high, Randy thinks the coyote is his friend, a sign. He wants to approach the coyote which is a bad idea, like superbad. The shrooms make him think he’s one with the coyote. Mickey is practically yelling at Randy to stop, Gus and Bertie join her. But, Randy doesn’t want to listen.

Randy gets the bright idea to follow the coyote (who’s his guide) because it’s “his destiny.” By now, everyone else is freaking out. Mickey, Gus, and Bertie go after Randy, who’s basically running now. I say basically because he’s a super out-of-shape dude. Everyone is telling Randy to stop and come back, even Gus and Bertie who are acting sober now. Afer what feels like 30 hours, Randy finally stops running after the coyote, in front a house. A house, that he wants to live in. Right now.

Break In

Randy sees the random house as his home, and he needs to get in. The door is locked, but that doesn’t stop Randy because “there’s always more than one opening”. Everyone is begging Randy to stop, but he doesn’t listen. He manages to open a first-floor window and climbs in. Gus and Bertie, still feeling the effects on the shrooms, climb in after them. Mickey, the only sober one in the group, has to follow to make sure no one does anything even more stupid than breaking into a house.

Randy goes straight to the master bedroom and pulls a straight-up Goldilocks by laying in the homeowner’s bed. Randy doesn’t want to move because he’s “happy” there. To be fair, the bed does look super comfortable, but you can’t just lay in stranger’s beds, Randy! This isn’t a Disney movie! To make things even worse, car lights flash across the windows, the owners are home. Everyone is panicking because they’re breaking and entering, and Randy still won’t get up. Randy finally gets out of the bed when Gus yells at him for being a “rude asshole”. Hmmm, maybe I should try that with people.  The gang gets out in the nick of time.

Die Hard

Back at the ranch (a.k.a Mickey and Bertie’s house) Gus and Mickey are chilling in her room with some well-deserved takeout. Gus says that he learned a really valuable lesson: drugs are fun. He’s glad that he took a risk and tried shrooms because he “pushed himself a little closer to the edge”. He sees Mickey’s red one piece bathing suit (the one she wore in 1×02) and puts it on over his clothes. It looked better on Mickey. Sitting on the bed, Gus tells Mickey how beautiful she is, which she just take nonchalantly. He compares her to Carole Lombard, “the actress from the 30s that died in the plane crash”. Mickey tells Gus that she thinks he’s beautiful, which he automatically refuses because of his big nose.

Mickey asks Gus is he thinks she’s a “f*ckup”. Gus gives her a nice pep talk about how brave she is, and that she’s beautiful inside and out. And then they both quote “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera. They end their night by watching Die Hard. 

In Bertie’s room, Randy is really coming down hard from his shrooms high. Bertie asks Randy what the hell the whole breaking and entering thing was about, and he doesn’t give a direct answer. She keeps pressing him until Randy begs her to stop because he’s really sleepy. He then goes on to say “Stop, or I’m going to have to kill you.”. Which Bertie takes as a joke… until Randy goes into detail about how he would kill her. Both Bertie and I are super unsettled. Bertie, you need to get out.


Final Thoughts

  • I don’t condone drug use at all. But, this episode made doing shrooms look like fun.
  • Randy knowing the specifics on how to murder someone really freaks me out. That’s something you don’t share.
  • Gus didn’t annoy me this episode?! Maybe it’s because Randy took the token freak spot this time around.
  • Mickey was a pretty good guide. I’d trust her.
  • Bertie needs to break up with Randy ASAP. It’s not enough that he’s a jobless freeloader, now he’s a murder???? Girl, get out.
  • Seeing Mickey as a guide for drug use was such an interesting concept seeing as she’s a recovering addict. She’s doing well with her recovery, but the shrooms definietly tempted her.






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