‘Love’ 2×06 Recap: ‘Forced Hiatus’

After the fun day we had last episode, adulthood hits hard. Let’s recap.

Holding Out Hope

The episode doesn’t start off well. Turns out Witchita‘s episode order is being cut, which is basically the kiss of death in TV production world. Everyone is upset, except Gus because the last episodeof the season is the one he wrote.

Ugh Randy

Randy, who is essentially a less-cool version of Uncle Buck is now norrowing money from Bertie! And not just 20 bucks for pizza, I’m talking a lot of money, money that requires a check. Mickey overhears the entire exchange, and lok sless than pleased. If a guy youre dating for about a month needs money, that;s a dealbreaker. If he has the audacity to ask you for money, you say no, AND DUMP HIM.

Let’s Go to the Mall

Randy is at Mickey and Bertie’s place again, acting as the world’s biggest freeloader. Mickey and Bertie need to return a lot of stuff to the mall, and it’s not just any mall. They’re going to Topanga, which apparently has an amazing dining terrace (in Randy’s words). Of course, Randy asks to tag along (probably expecting Bertie to pay for his dining terrace experience. How is Randy able to go to the mall on a weekday? He doesn’t have a job!!! And he isn’t even eligible for unemployment because he’s never had a job. Jesus Christ.

The Parent Trap

Meanwhile, Gus is working with Arya in the on[set trailer. Her Dad, Steve (David Spade) bursts in with her mom. Turns out Arya’s parents aren’t there to check up on their studies, they want to manipulate her to pick the projects they want. Steve wants Arya to do a big-budget action movie called Liberty Down where she’ll play a kidnapped President’s daughter. Her mom wants her to go the indie route by signing onto a film called Lowlands, it sounds like total Oscar bait. While Arya’s parents are planning her future as the second-coming of mid-2000s Dakota Fanning, Arya seems less-than-thrilled to take on new projects during Witchita’s hiatus. Like the stage parents they are, Arya’s mom and dad don’t even bother asking what she wants to do during her time off. Both of her parents corner Gus to convince him to influence Arya, further complicating things.


At Topanga Mickey drags Bertie into the bathroom to pee and have some girl talk. She brings Randy up, and the fact that he’s always there, and contributes nothing to society but stale farts and unwanted opinions. Bertie keeps making excuses, and Mickey isn’t buying it.

Bertie gets a call from work on her day off because her co-worker Cynthia has
“the flu”. Randy volunteers to do the returns with Mickey, and even offers to use Mickey’s Uber account to get them home. Mickey is less than thrilled to be left with Randy the moocher. While they’re making returns in a homeware store, randy buys a big file cabinet, when he throws his wallet on the table, Mickey spies the check Bertie wrote him. After leaving the story Randy is insistence on eating at the dining terrace, saying he “hates home food”. Mickey confronts Randy about the money Bertie gave him which turns out to be $850. $850??? What the hell. He says it’s just for rent, BUT STILL. HOW DOES HE HAVE THE GUTS TO DO SOMETHING SO LOW? Mickey goes off on him, especially about him not having a job, which prompts Randy to storm into the nearest store and demand a job. It’s super awkward because it’s a fancy clothing store for children… he doesn’t get the job.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

Back at the studio, Arya is refusing to wear her costume for her final scenes. She’s being pretty difficult, and it’s clear she’s got a lot on her mind. The dress Susan wants her to wear needs to be worn for continuity reasons, but Arya doesn’t want to\wear it. Gus witnesses everything in the background tries to talk to Arya about the conflicting projects. All Arya wants to do is be a normal kid, “smoking and making out” instead of spending her time with adults. Arya feels along, and the sad fact is, she’s very alone. Her parents depend on her for money, and they don’t really have her best interests at heart. Gus, doing something good for once encourages Arya to tell her parents the truth.. which she wants Gus to do.


Randy and Mickey head to the dining terrace in silence. Randy finally breaks the ice by explaining his reasoning for borrowing money. He admits that he’s a fuck-up, and even though he really likes Bertie, his natural ability to fuck things up will come into play at some point, so he figures why not fuck up early on. Mickey, doing a total 180 agrees with Randy and confesses that she worries every day about fucking things up with Gus. Seeing Mickey and Randy open up to each other is a bit strange, seeing as Mickey is so opposed to the idea of Randy, but I guess that’s adulthood. Everyone is scared of fucking up. Randy really grows up by giving Mickey the check back, telling her to give it back to Bertie. She returns it, saying Bertie would want him to have it.

Gus, Arya, and her parents meet in her trailer to discuss Arya’s future. Gus and Arya walk in on a petty fight between Arya’s parents concerning money. Gus tells Arya’s parents that Arya wishes to do nothing after Witchita, she just wants to live like a normal kid. Surprisingly, Arya’s parents agree, which is a big relief. Maybe they’re not so greedy and selfish after all! NOT. Arya’s mom doesn’t understand her request, instead, she thinks Arya just wants to take a quick vacation to Hawaii, and then start shooting  Lowlands (the indie film), three weeks later. Thank God, for Arya’s slimy dad who actually gets she wants to take a break from acting, like an actual break. Another fight breaks out between the stage parents extraordinaire, until Arya interrupts. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Arya the only adult on this entire show, and she’s 12. Arya tells her parents she knows they’re getting a divorce, and tells them she’ll do both movies. How adult of her, sacrificing her own happiness for the selfishness of her parents.

“She’s never even read Harry Potter!”

We check in on Bertie, who’s in work on her day off because Cynthia, her co-worker has the flu. One of Bertie’s co-workers points out that Cynthia lied her ass off, and is enjoying the day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Park at Universal Studios LA. Bertie is shocked, and doesn’t understand why someone would do something so mean to her. I mean, it’s pretty obvious, Bertie’s a pushover. Her cheery and nice attitude is fodder for people to walk all over her like a doormat (She gave a guy she was dating for 3 weeks $850 for crying out loud).Fortunatelyy, she’s starting to see the light. Hopefully she make some necessary changes.


Bertie gets an apologetic call from Randy about the money she gave him. He asks to come over and Bertie refuses, using the old “I’m so tired” excuse. We cut to Randy at an ATM, depositing the check. Bertie sits in the dark, lighting up a cigarette, her loneliness is palpable.

We end the episode with a shot of Arya’s last scene in Wichita, with a monologue about going out into the night and move on. It’s fitting.

Final Thoughts

  • Arya is the only adult on this show. She takes charge and knows how to get shit done. Did I mention she’s only 12?
  • Honestly, I think Mickey was a little too nice to Randy at the end. He’s a mess, and harmful to her friend
  • While it sucks she had to learn the hard way, I’m glad Bertie realized she’s a pushover. Hopefully, she’ll become more confident in saying no.
  • Gus is such a mealy little worm. He barely fought for Arya. Once again he got shown up by a 12-year-old.
  • Arya’s parents are the DEFINITION of stage parents. Their auras scream greed.
  • We’re halfway through the season, and I don’t know where any of this is going? There’s no true conflict yet… maybe something is brewing on the surface.