Love 2×07 Recap: “The Work Party”


Gravity SubZero

We start with a meeting at Mickey’s work. Erica, her manager is giving a presentation about the merger the station is going through. Erica pulls Mickey aside after the meeting to tell her that a merger means staff cuts and firing. SubZero, the company taking over doesn’t appreciate women, according to Erica. She wants to team up with Mickey to survive the merger. Dr. Greg interrupts the meeting because he’s a CREEP. He wants to talk to Mickey about the party that’s coming to celebrate the merger. He tells Mickey that he;s bringing a plus one to the party because he thinks it’s going to bother Mickey because they slept together once. Mickey is unfazed, Dr. Greg just wants to bother her  because he’s obsessed with her, which Mickey knows, and she flat out tells him that he disgusts her. Hell yeah. Dr. Greg is such a baby, which is by the tantrum he throws IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WORKDAY after Mickey leaves after the truth bomb she dropped.

Big Steps

Later Mickey is getting ready for the party… with Gus who’s her plus one. This is a pretty big relationship step because she’s never brought a plus one to a work function before. They agree to say that they’re dating each other… and no one else. Another big step, especially for Mickey! It’s also a big step because they haven’t even known each other that long… hopefully, this won’t come back to bite them later.


The party is fancy with a capital F. Erica immediately clings to Mickey to enact “Let’s stick together so we don’t get fired plan”, leaving Gus on his own with Truman and his girlfriend Lily (remember her?). Already Gus is feeling a little awkward, seeing as the only person he knows at the party is very occupied with more important things. Usually, when I find myself in that situation I find a bowl of tortilla chips or Swedish Fish and start eating… but this isn’t that kind of party.

Outside of the venue, Bertie and Chris show up at the party, and they’re both on the list! Didn’t know Mickey could bring guests, but this is good news for Gus who’s just kind of aimlessly wandering about the venue at this point. Five minutes in and the guy is already on jacket duty. Dr. Greg is having words with his plus-one, Patricia because she’s “flirting with his co-workers” (she’s not, he’s just a terrible person). Essentially he’s being a giant jerk. Gus sees the entire “discussion” because he always seems to be involved in people’s personal matters. Patricia walks out on Dr. Greg (good for you Patricia), and Gus and Dr. Greg strike up a conversation (uh-oh). They decide to “latch” to one another, a.k.a be party buddies.

Speaking of party buddies, Bertie and Chris seem to be hitting it off (is something brewing here?). Meanwhile, Erica and Mickey are trying to woo the SubZero New York team in order to keep their jobs. They ask if they’re going to fire people on the West Coast branch (subtle). Mickey’s doing pretty well until she sees Gus hanging with Dr. Greg (she knows it’s bad news). The new buddies are talking about feelings, which makes sense since Dr. Greg hosts a radio show about feelings and relationships. Gus asks with humans would be better off without emotions (that would be pretty nice), but Dr. Greg disagrees saying “we exist to co-exist”. A waitress interrupts with a tray of Hors d’oeuvre that Gus reluctantly takes even though he doesn’t like what she’s offering. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. Dr. Greg encourages Gus to be more open to his feelings, which then ends in a hug! They’re really hitting it off until Mickey comes over and Dr. Greg realized Gus is Mickey’s date. The mood is dying.

Getting Deep

Mickey needs to leave Gus again because Erica drags her away to talk to the SubZero guys before they leave. Gus is again left alone with Dr. Greg, but there is a significant change in the vibe… which Gus doesn’t notice at all. Chris and Bertie are still vibing pretty well. Bertie is pretty much ranting about the past few weeks in her life, and how making so many snap decisions like dating Randy, moving so far away from home (Australia) is really starting to hit her. Chris is surprisingly receptive and supportive. He;s giving a lot of good advice and is super perceptive. Chris says he’s good at listening because he’s a waiter who has people telling him stuff all the time at work. Bertie suggests that he find his own “waiter” to really explore his dark places and his feelings.

Dr. Greg is getting WEIRD. He asks Gus is he likes “truth”, which is never a good question. The next one is even worse. Dr. Greg asks “Do you love her?” in a super possessive way. Obviously, Gus is super caught off guard, Dr. Greg really flipped the script. Gus answers that he really, really likes Mickey. Dr. Greg keeps getting even more mad, angry that Gus “knows Mickey so well” (sarcastic). He keeps hinting that he knows something about Mickey that Gus wouldn’t like to hear, which is making Gus paranoid and angry. Dr. Greg genially tells Gus about how he had sex with Mickey (back in season 1 when she thought she was going to get fired), and Gus is visibly upset at this revelation. Dr. Greg is loving the pain he is inflicting on Gus and continues his tangent by saying how Mickey is a user amongst other really insulting things. Gus ends the conversation with an eloquent “F*ck you”. The bromance is dead (Thank God).

Bad Vibes

Gus moves to the bar, taking a few shots. Mickey finds him, noticing that he might be a bit upset, but Gus lies tells her that he’s fine. He’s acting super distant and keeps ordering drinks (very unlike him). Mickey is obviously suspicious, knowing full well that Dr. Greg is THE WORST. She wants to know what they talked about, but Gus is not budging. Another one of Mickey’s co-workers needs her help, so she needs to leave Gus yet again, which makes him a little upset.

Mickey finds Dr. Greg, and confronts him, wanting to know what he did to Gus. She calls him narcissistic amongst other things. Dr. Greg tries to work his fake therapy BS on her, but it doesn’t work. Soon both Dr. Greg and Mickey are full-on-fighting in the middle of the party, which is not looking good. Dr. Greg is super obsessed with Mickey, and she tells him to leave him alone.

Bertie and Chris are still having a heart-to-heart providing the only sane storyline in the episode. Chris says about how he moved to LA four years ago to be a stuntman, and in four years he hasn’t gotten stunt work because he doesn’t know anyone in the industry. He confesses that he would be okay if his career was going nowhere is he had a great personal life, but he doesn’t. He further adds that he’s super depressed, but he masks it with his personality. Wow, this episode is getting really deep, this is the saddest party ever. They both agree that they’re running out of time.  Gus turns up, and Bertie and Chris immediately leaves.

Mickey finds Gus, telling him to not listen to Dr. Greg. Gus admits that he’s bothered by what Dr. Greg said because it’s everything he’s secretly worried about it. Mickey decides to start dancing with Gus to George Michael’s “Freedom” (how appropriate and RIP man) as the episode ends.

Final Thoughts

  • I find it ironic that some of the deepest conversations happened at a party. Parties are supposed to be fun!
  • Gus is starting to see some cracks. Will he idealize Mickey for much longer?
  • I enjoyed seeing Mickey network like a boss. More of this, please!
  • Gus actually stood up for himself instead of resorting to “nice Midwestern guy” mode. Will this continue?
  • Everyone is sad.


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