Love 2×08 Recap: “Marty Dobbs”


After an unintentional hiatus, because life gets you sometimes, I’m back! Let’s get back to “Love”, season 2. This episode was full of emotions, woo-hoo!


The episode starts with some serious stress cleaning. Gus wakes up at Mickey’s place to see her already up and out of bed. It looks like Mickey and Gus haven’t really spent any alone time, are they sick of each other yet? Let’s find out. Gus goes into the kitchen and he finds Mickey intensely cleaning. For real, she must have had four espressos because she is FLYING. Mickey reveals that her dad, Marty is flying in from New Jersey, and she wants her house spotless.  Marty isn’t a fan of talking because he didn’t let Mickey know he was coming until the day before. Nice. Mickey invites Gus to lunch with Marty, which in my book is a no-no? Mickey and Gus have been together for five minutes, isn’t it too early to meet the parents?

On the drive to the airport, Mickey gives some more information about Marty. She seems a little nervous, which is not helped by Gus’s constant questions. Marty was a dentist, but he lost his license after he was caught giving out pain pill prescriptions. Now he’s a consultant/entrepreneur/unemployed? He sounds great, not!

Meeting Marty

Finally, we meet the eponymous Marty outside of a Himalayan restaurant. It’s pretty obvious at this point that the normally cool, IDGAF Mickey is nervous. Gus fails at reassuring her by telling her “dads are kind of my thing.”. Uh, this isn’t about you man! Marty finally pulls up, and I kind of already hate him. He has a gross beard, makes a comment on Mickey’s weight, and looks like he reeks of cigarettes and Natty Lite!  Gus hugs Marty. Dude, what the hell!? That’s just weird in my book, and Marty and Mickey agree.

The trio head into the restaurant where Marty immediately starts flirting with the waitress, who’s probably 22. Gross. Marty starts complaining about his flight, and Gus just goes along with it. After complaining about his flight, Marty starts to make some sly digs at Mickey. On the surface, they seem like innocent dad jabs, but they’re actually toxic, and Mickey knows it. And Gus still goes along with everything! Marty keeps going on about how Mickey was always a “pain the ass”, and tells a story to prove his point. The story goes according to Marty (keep that in mind) like this.


When Mickey was 13-actually 11 (Mickey corrects Marty multiple times) her and Marty were on a late night car ride. Mickey kept “bitching and moaning”, so Marty said “quit it”, and Mickey all of a sudden decides to get out of the car, and storms away. Marty spends hours searching for her until he finds her at a Burger King “eating fries and having the time of her life”. The entire time Marty tells the story, Mickey is subdued, slouching in her chair looking really upset. Gus? Oh, Gus is lapping it up like a thirsty dog. At this point, I really don’t like Marty, and I think the story is a pile of BS.

Soon, Marty excuses himself to go to the restroom, and we get the true story from Mickey. Before that, we have Gus being a dumbass by telling Mickey how much he likes Marty, and that he thinks Marty likes him! Mickey explodes and she tells Gus that Marty has the story all wrong. The reason she was upset that night was because she was missing her best friend’s birthday party to go with her dad to “another one of his sleazy business meetings”. Marty starting yelling at her because she was upset, and things really escalated. Marty screamed at her to get out, and Mickey, being 11 at the time took it literally. Right after she gets out of the car, Marty pulls away, leaving her in a bad neighborhood, in the middle of the night. She tells Gus it was the scariest moment of her life, and that Marty didn’t come back for hours, and she walked the Burger King where she sat a table and cried for hours.

Now, if your significant other told you a story about their dad being an abusive prick, you’d be sympathetic, right? Outraged hopefully. Well, not Gus Crushiank! Immediately Gus tries to rationalize Marty’s shitty actions by telling Mickey that she might have overreacted because she was a kid, and kids take things too personally. Seriously, f*** Gus.

Keep Your Mouth Shut

After finishing lunch Marty insists on going to a bar. Mickey, being sober obviously doesn’t want to be around the temptation, but she hasn’t told her dad about AA yet. Yikes, this can’t end well. Marty drags them to a seedy, hole-in-wall where the foundation is probably just heroin needles. Mickey reveals to Gus that her dad shouldn’t be in a bar either because he’s an alcoholic. So obviously Mickey’s addictions are genetic. Oh, and Marty has been to AA, many times. #1 Dad!

Marty buys a pitcher of beer and pours Mickey a glass. She’s obviously uncomfortable and tries to get out of doing a toast, but Marty makes her “cheers”. Pissed, she leaves to go outside and smoke. Marty starts to make rude comments to Gus about MIckey’s “moods”, and then Gus makes the ultimate mistake. He tells Marty that Mickey’s sober, and active in AA. As soon as Mickey comes in, he;s on the attack. He tells her that AA is a cult and that he “raised her to use her brain”. He yells at Mickey, a grown adult in a public place because she’s trying to better herself.


After Marty stops yelling, Mickey takes her revenge. All during the day, Marty kept mentioning how he was a meeting in Palo Alto for a new app he’s developing. He already mentioned that the app is for a car service (sound familiar), so Mickey has ammo. With a look that could kill a man, Mickey asks Marty about his app. Falling for the trap, Marty tells them about “R-Car”, a high-end car service. Every time Marty gives details on ‘R-Car”, Mickey interjects with “so just like Uber.”. Literally, his idea is identical to Uber/Lyft. You can get a car whenever, wherever. The driver provides mints, phone chargers, the works! Afer a few minutes, Marty realizes that he’ll get nowhere, and decides to leave. Gus, the wettest paper towel around asks MARTY TO STAY! DUDE! C’MON.

We then get a great scene of Marty and Mickey smoking side-by-side, with identical poses and gestures. The apple really doesn’t fall too far from the tree. Marty makes his goodbyes and leaves for the airport. Mickey and Marty give an awkward goodbye, and they tell each other “I love you”. Families are so messed up.


After Marty leaves Mickey DRAGS Gus. Thank God! She’s angry Gus told Marty her business, it’s her’s to tell, not his. She’s upset Gus didn’t stand up for her while her dad was insulting her point blank. Unfortunately, Gus doesn’t lie down and take it like he should. He tells Mickey that she’s too confusing. He doesn;t know what she wants from him; does she want him to liked or hated by Marty. Mickey gets vicious, and they start to have a full-blown fight. Gus apologizes (yes, finally), and so does Mickey (no, why?). Gus admits he was acting shitty, and that she has every right to be upset. Mickey offers to take Gus home because he probably wants a break from her (great idea). Gus, being the constant idiot tells Mickey that he doesn’t want a break (he probably think it’s romantic, but it’s not). We end the episode with our couple sitting on a lawn by the airport flipping off airplanes, hoping one of them is Marty’s.

Final Thoughts

  • As I mentioned all throughout the article Marty Dobbs is a straight-up asshole. NO wonder Mickey has commitment and abandonment issues.
  • Gus is such a drip. He doesn’t support Mickey, he let her dad totally eviscerate her!
  • I think Gus and Mickey’s relationship is doomed. If Gus can’t defend Mickey then how can they last.
  • I want Gus and Mickey to break up. Mickey deserves better and she should seriously take some time to work on herself.
  • I hope Marty gets laughed at in his pitch meeting.


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