‘Love’ Recap 2×05 Recap: ‘A Day’

Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust


After the trip we experienced in episode four, let’s hope things calm down this time.

“I’m sorry, Brenda Bleythn”

We open with Mickey and Gus in bed, and they’re uh… having a great time. Let’s just leave it at that. After the “great time”, they enjoy some quality time by ignoring each other by looking at their phones. They have some cute talk about how they like waking up next each other. Gus is especially happy because Mickey’s a peaceful sleeper. Gus is the exact opposite, he’s very chatty. In his sleep, he said “I’m sorry, Brenda Bleythn”, who is an esteemed British actress. What was he dreaming about? Mickey wishes that they could just stay in bed all day, but she has a SLAA (Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous) meeting. Mickey offers that Gus could come with her and wait outside for her to be done her meeting.

Fuck Timing

We jump to Mickey’s SLAA meeting, that Gus attends by sitting in his car and calling his parents. Mickey makes a new friend at SLAA, Jorie (short for Marjorie), who gives Mickey her number saying to call her whenever she needs too. Mickey asks Jorie for some advice about Gus. She tells Jorie about how they had sex that morning, and she wants to hang out with him all day, but she’s worried that it’s the wrong thing for her recovery. Jorie tells her that if Mickey was honest about SLAA, and Gus was “cool with it”, then she should be okay. She emphasizes that the program is for learning how to be in a healthy relationship and that Mickey shouldn’t walk away from something good because of bad timing. She emphasizes her point by saying “fuck timing”. While I like that Mickey is making friends at her meetings, I’m not too keen on Jorie’s advice, rushing things could really mess up Mickey’s recovery.

A Little Brunch Action

Mickey asks Gus is he wants to get some food, and he agrees to “a little brunch action”. As they drive to lunch, Mickey sees the building where she had her first job in LA as an assistant to the manager that represented every kid from “The Hills”. Apparently, Justin Bobby came to Mickey’s house crying because he wasn’t included in the “Teen Vogue” cast spread. 2007 was a dark time. They go to a FANCY (fancy, like there’s probably fruit shaped like stars) brunch spot, where they talk about their childhoods. Turns out Gus memorized what movie studios produced famous films in order to impress girls in high school ( I think high school me would’ve been impressed, but I also ran around my school belting out songs from Les Mis, so…).

As they wait for their food they hear a dad reprimanding his son for not wanting to go to his $300 swimming lessons. They both reminiscence about their childhoods. Gus thinks that dad reminds him of when his dad would yell at him and his siblings in public, especially if they wanted to get dessert at a restaurant (too expensive). Mickey always got to get dessert at restaurants (I’m jealous), because when her dad was still employed, her family was kind of rich. Mickey has a brother Bob, and he lives in Tuscon with two kids, whose names Mickey can’t remember. Gus has three siblings, two brothers, and a sister. Gus asks Mickey is she wants to continue hanging out, and she says yes.

A Day at the Movies

They decide to go to the movies, and Dustin (Rich Sommer, a.k.a Harry Crane from Mad Men), Mickey’s ex is there! Last season Dustin raged out at Mickey, calling her a whore for cheating on him when they were together. So, running into Dustin is not a good thing. At all. Mickey and Dustin met because he used to manage her friends’ band. After the movie (Gus cried) Gus goes to the bathroom, leaving Mickey in the lobby, where she runs into Dustin. It’s awkward AF (running into an ex always is always awkward). He actually apologizes to Mickey for the stuff he said to her at the party. Dustin actually seems really sorry (I mean, he should be because calling people a whore is rude). Even though he’s apologizing, I still don’t like Dustin that much, he gives off a bit of a creepy vibe. They start talking about their dog, Buster who they shared when they were a couple. Gus returns, and Mickey introduces them.


After going back the Gus’ car, Mickey remarks that he constantly has a beach towel in his car. He explains that it’s there so if he ever goes to the beach he has one. Even though he’s been living in LA for a while, Gus hasn’t been to the beach (what the actual heck?). So they take a road trip to the beach! We’re treated to a montage of the duo walking around Venice. There’s smiling, hand-holding, typical mushy stuff.  While stopping on a bridge, Mickey and Gus both say how the day is the best day they’ve both had in a while. They worry that it won’t last. Mickey asks Gus “What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?”. The worst thing Gus has ever done is poop in his hand at a college hour party (gross). Mickey won’t even answer the question (sneaky).

Finally, they hit the beach, which looks amazing. The whole day was mushy and cute, but it kind of made my cynical being feel nauseous. I still don’t like these two together.


After “the best day ever”, mickey and Gus spend some “quality time” together at Mickey’s house. After, Gus leaves, and they have a cute “goodbye”. They discuss their week plans, Gus doesn’t want to pester Mickey, She reassures him that she won’t disappear on him and that he won’t annoy her. They declare their “mutual like”. The episode ends with Gus texting Mickey right away because she said to text whenever. He sends her pictures of him and high school, and even one of them when they went on their date to the Magic Castle.

Final Thoughts

  • I know this episode was presented as the “Mickey and Gus are so cute together” story, but I’m not buying it.
  • Even though Gus wants to be cautious about being “too much”, I still think he’ll be too much.
  • The whole “not getting dessert because we have ice cream at home” is too real.
  • I don’t like Dustin.



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