Lucifer 2×04 Review: “Lady Parts”

Pardon the phrase, but good God what was that?! From the start, “Lady Parts” hit the ground running, and it didn’t stop until that ending which had me literally yell out: “No Chloe!” at my television. Without further ado, let’s delve into the stories of tonight’s Lucifer!

Lucifer and the case of why he won’t stop looking at his phone

Distraction was the name of the game tonight for my favorite Devil in a suit. While on civilian consultant duty with Chloe they investigate two ladies poisoned in what turns out to be a sex club. LA always keeps you on your toes. While weaving their way, which involves some very unique crime solving (who knew alcohol could help so much) Lucifer finds every single way to not answer the real questions Chloe is asking him, with his phone. Seriously the amount of time he spent with it has me rethinking the amount of app games I have on my iPhone. For all his excuses and evasion it was obvious from the start (god bless your patience Dr Linda…and Chloe…and every female that he’s not flirting with for the sake of it) for seeing he was refusing to face what he’s really afraid of. In the meantime though, I’ll admit it was funny to see him discover words with friends and find all the different ways to escape stress (I’ve used my phone for that one) even in the middle of an accidental poisonous double homicide.

Ladies Night! (and Guys night now that I think about it) 

In an attempt to distract Chloe from her on the point questions, Lucifer starts a wager with Maze to give up his convertible if she’s able to get Chloe to relax, loosen up and have at least three drinks (without using rope or pouring it down her throat which is less fun apparently). Chloe gets shanghaied into ladies night when Ella drops by Lux (per Lucifer’s recommendation) and joins Maze and Chloe’s “impromptu” fun night out. They end up at a tiki bar and my favorite confidante Linda joins them after being invited by Maze.

Cue the drinking and in walks in one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever watched on this show: LADIES ALL OUT NIGHT! Seriously between all of them genuinely having a good time, Chloe with her hair down (it’s prettier I like it that way can that happen more often?) and still working the case in an alcohol induced haze to the bar brawl fighting by Maze (don’t mess with her drinking buddies) I couldn’t stop smiling.


That aptly leads into a shorter, but no less hilarious Guys Night! The case calls for Dan and Lucifer (and Amenadiel because hell why not?) to go undercover at the sex club the girls were found to be poisoned at, and as glad as I am they found their lead to the murderer it was more fun watching Amenadiel be the one to less loose with his….unique dancing style. (Got to love angels when they are drunk right?)

Last but certainly not least the denouement 

The beginning of the end started with uncovering the murderer’s identity and it turns out to be the first lady they met (the nice neighbor lady, why are they always nice at first?) While I loved Lucifer flinching with real fear when the murder lady grabbed Chloe and threatened her, he finally used the phone distraction in an useful way allowing her to get the upper hand and yelling how faking friendships (that led to these two girls death) in between smacking her with a rolled up yoga mat.

The deceptive start to ladies night aside, I was really glad to see Maze come down and “apologize” for making Chloe believe she asked to hang out just to spend time with her. Maze may not have much in the way of tact, but she’s not going to lie about something that matters to her. Having friends outside the angel boys, and especially a life is important. For Chloe’s part as much as she loves her job, and Trixie, I really think having lady friends you genuinely want to hang out with and trust is something every woman deserves. How loud I laughed honestly startled my family when I found out the missing half hour from ladies night led to Chloe and Trixie becoming roommates with Maze! (Of course Lucifer would think the women in his life are ganging up on him you silly devil)


Amenadiel, however gets down to brass tacks, and pointedly gets to the uncomfortable truth Lucifer spent the whole episode running from with his phone: he’s afraid no matter how hard he pushes his “loophole” that not following the deal he made with Dad will have severe consequences. Lucifer can’t lie about why he made this deal when his brother asks “What was so important you wrote Dad a blank check?”

Answering that it was a who, it takes Amenadiel all of ten seconds to figure out it was to save Chloe (because who else would merit such importance?) He may play it off, but Lucifer, for all his inappropriate behavior and quirks, is terrified of letting in the idea of something happening to Chloe as a direct result of not sending his mother back.

A fear that became reality to the audience when the episode cliffhangers into Chloe getting hit into a bad car crash….



  • I about cracked a rib seeing the look on Maze’s face when Ella hugged her hello talk about opposing personalities colliding.
  • Ella is charming me more every week, especially on ladies night but I really wish we could spend a little more time getting to know her. Can’t we get some backstory on this awesome lady?
  • Double entendres has nothing on Linda and Amenadiel’s “honest” conversation about his wings. I’m glad he took her advice anyways considering the look on his face by the end of that scene. The comedy this week was on fire, I love these writers.

What did you think of this week’s episode Lucifans? Did you enjoy Ladies Night as much as I did? or did you yell at your television too, when Chloe got hit by that car? Till next week ladies and gents!

Lucifer airs Mondays at 9/8c on FOX.

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