Lucifer 2×13 Review: “A Good Day to Die”

A Good Day to Die is a fitting title, given I felt I died several times watching this, pardon my lack of a better phrase, one HELL of a winter finale. I’m genuinely sad we have to wait till May 1st to find out what happens next.

In a nutshell, this was a breakneck Lucifer I’ve never seen before and it all culminated in a series of choices that while I thought were understandable, still left my heart broken at the end….but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Without further ado, let’s dive into Lucifer’s winter finale!

A Race to Find the Cure

We pick up almost immediately after we left off, with Lucifer driving like a maniac to get Chloe to the hospital (the first of many heart clutching moments), freaking out that she’s been obviously poisoned and Chloe, the stubborn detective that she is, refusing to go, insisting on investigating her own poisoning, because, truthfully, nothing else will save her but that designer antidote.

At the precinct, Ella is called down in her pajamas to analyze the poison Chloe was affected by (not that she TELLS HER THAT), and while she confirms there was an antidote, she also says the professor destroyed it in a “dick move,” so she’s glad no one else was poisoned, since they’d end up just like the other victims, which Ella describes in detail. Ouch.

The investigation turns up a criminal we have seen before, and while he’s out partying on bail Chloe and Lucifer, ahem, interrogate him about having smuggled the antidote. Unfortunately while he didn’t bring it in, he still gives them a lead in the form of another criminal associated with the professor….right in time for Chloe to collapse in Lucifer’s arms.

Despite her protests at being in the hospital, Dan, after some buddy bickering with Lucifer, promises to follow up on the lead with our trusty Devil in tow. Unfortunately questioning quickly goes downhill after the scumbag makes a nasty comment about letting Dan’s “ex wife” die, which ends up with both him and Lucifer handcuffed in a back room. It doesn’t take long for Lucifer to free them (of course, after Dan’s taken a few punches), and my favorite Devil in a suit manages to get the truth out of the scumbag in exchange for the antidote.

Problem is he only he has the ingredients, only the professor knew the formula, and he kept it in his head.

A Plan to Die

Lucifer is understandably somber & upset at having “monumentally screwed up” at helping Chloe, and his mother arrives to console with him. Her sincerity here is a breath of fresh air, though I doubt she enjoyed the irony as much as I did when she unwittingly gave Lucifer the idea of how to save Chloe. The professor is where he deserves to be – in Hell, so Lucifer lights up and says all he needs to do is “DIE.” (YES THIS WILL BE THE SECOND TIME HE’S GONE TO HELL FOR CHLOE, BUT MOVING ON)

Following his dramatic declaration Lucifer gathers up his Mom, Maze, Amenadiel and Linda to pull together a plan to get him down to hell so he can get the formula from the professor and then come back to save Chloe. As serious as the subject matter of this brainstorming session was, I couldn’t help but laugh at Linda’s understandable confusion about Hell having doors and Maze not being able to go back there and the business of death being the only way to get there. Despite their initial skepticism – all of them (save Mom) stand with Lucifer on helping him save Chloe, a lady they all care about, including Amenadiel. (Can’t resist the chuckle when both Amenadiel & Maze raise their hands, offering to kill Lucifer, lol)

A Trip to the Underworld

The plan quickly comes apparent (and brilliantly in such a short time) when Amenadiel is given the task of making sure Chloe doesn’t move from the hospital room she’s in. I need to stop and note Amenadiel asking his brother why he trusts him with this, since earlier in the hour he very much exhibited the opposite feeling when he practically ran him over with questions regarding his role in bringing out Chloe’s miracle status. At the end of the day though they are family, and Lucifer trusts his stubborn brother to guard the woman he’s literally dying to save. (DID I MENTION THAT THIS IS THE SECOND TIME)

Meanwhile, in the room directly underneath Chloe’s Maze & Linda sneak into the hospital in scrubs with a defibrillator in hand, with the plan to “kill” Lucifer for a minute while he runs round hell to get the formula for Chloe. Bickering over time moving differently and panic over Lucifer dying permanently because Linda is the one in charge of bringing him back to life (someone please give that woman a raise) aside, the plan is set, now all he has to do is pull it off. Which starts off with a jolt when Lucifer in his impatience literally defibrillates himself down to hell. (Talk about a shocking moment, in more ways than one.)

His Own Personal Hell

Lucifer’s eyes open back in the Hell we last saw in the Season One finale, only we get a closer look as he moves around to find the room the professor is stuck in. Finding him he walks in to see him reliving his accident, with people yelling their judgement over and over at him for saving his dissertation over the life of an innocent college student. (I guess you really do make your own prison down there.) Promising the possibility of escaping, he hands over the formula for the antidote to save Chloe life’s (“someone who I care about very much”) to Lucifer.

Maze’s warning about the rooms catching him sadly comes true when he wanders into his penthouse to find Uriel playing the piano. His happiness at seeing his brother “alive” is all too brief, because then Azrael’s blade appears in his hand and he’s faced with the torture of his own making; reliving killing his brother over and over. The guilt and anguish over facing Huriel, so to speak, brought to light how much he’s been carrying it around and Tom Ellis is at his absolute best here, since I truly felt like I was experiencing all of his grief over killing his brother right with him. Which is to say I was literally crying my eyes out.

What caught my eye in the middle of my cry fest was “Huriel” pointing out his last words to him, taunting him with the notion that he needs to figure it out. He may be a figment of Lucifer’s own imagination, but what is his mind trying to tell him by bringing it back up? We don’t get a chance to go further since none other than Mama Morningstar herself comes in for the rescue.

Yes, really.

Having figured out up in the land of the living Lucifer isn’t coming back because he’s caught in one of the rooms she decides, despite her paralyzing fear. to go and help save her son.

I couldn’t have predicted what happened next, aka the effect being back in Hell would have on Charlotte. When she found Lucifer in his room, reliving his worst experience over and over her own guilt took over the room. She admitted all of her scheming and manipulations she had committed to get Lucifer to do what she wanted. My jaw was on the floor with these revelations coming in one after another, but what struck me was her incredibly real heartbreak over abandoning her children. She may be the Goddess of all creation, but she’s the same as any other mom in her most painful regrets lie with how she’s treated her family. Thankfully her dropping Chloe still dying up above was enough to wake Lucifer up to get them out of there.

I’ll be the first to say I’ve not been a fan of what Charlotte has done to get back up to heaven with her sons, but I respect the hell out of that woman. When she says she loves her kids, she means it, damn it, and won’t let anything, not even what scares her the most keep her from helping them when they need it most.

Sadly it turns out too little too late.

Heartbreak out the Door

In a sequence that I couldn’t stop marveling at, Amenadiel fights off the security staff to keep Chloe where she is, as Lucifer and his Mom are brought back into the land of the living  – with the formula. Chloe wakes up (looking way more gorgeous than I ever have in a hospital bed, dang it) alive and well, and with Lucifer pointing out only one of them died that day. Side note: I can’t wait for the day she finds out how many times he’s sent himself down to Hell to help her.

She’s out of it, understandably, but her desire to pick up where she and Lucifer left off is met his with his request to focus on her own recovery (and with the most subtly uncomfortable oh God how do I deal with this expression I’ve ever seen, damn it). Her request to talk later is barely acknowledged, which is right about when the knot twisted in my stomach as to how this would end.

Lucifer, despite his relief that Chloe will be alright is still extremely angry at everything he’s learned in the past 24 hours, which to say the least has been overwhelming. Not only is he convinced everything he’s ever shared with Chloe has been “a sham,” he also thinks he can’t trust anyone, for who knows what his dear old Dad has done to put people in his path. His mother’s protests at how he should be punished for it don’t do her any favors, since he declares she’s just as bad, worse really. I’m inclined to agree, but if there’s one thing I don’t blame him for is his frustration at being caught in the middle of his parent’s feud. He’s finished – with manipulations, his mother, all of it.

What that means doesn’t sink in until the last heartbreaking shot when we catch up with Chloe leaving the 300th message (Oh God, help me) and driving to see him. Only when she gets there Lucifer’s penthouse is packed up and covered in sheets.

He’s gone – left without a word. So I only have one thing to say to the lovely Lucifer writers> HOW COULD YOU BREAK MY (AND CHLOE’S) HEART LIKE THAT?! SHE DOESN’T DESERVE THIS, I UNDERSTAND THAT LUCIFER IS TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM HIS PARENTS, NOT HER, BUT COME ON!!

Talk about a cliffhanger ending, that we don’t get answers to for THREE MONTHS. Scheduling frustrations aside, I know it’ll be worth the wait to see how Lucifer (inevitably) comes back to L.A. While I have plenty ideas in mind on how it’ll go, I know one thing for sure.

He’s going to need one HELL of an explanation for this one.

Final thoughts:

  • One scene I need to highlight that I wasn’t able to get to: Amenadiel and Trixie. Seeing him assure her that despite how many bad people there are in the world there were also a lot of good people helping her mom was an adorable I didn’t know existed. When she declared she thought he was a good person too and hugged him, I just immediately thought: more of this please! Scarlett Estavez is such a fantastic young actress and she plays off so well with every adult actor on the show. I hope we get to see more of her, and maybe more heart warming hugs.
  • WE GOT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT ELLA! Finally, oh thank you lord. While committing B&E with Dan (I really like it when these two partner up more of this please), we learn that the criminal they’re stealing from is none other than her own brother. She moved to LA to keep an eye on him and knew he had this illegal substance on hand (also since she used to steal cars, what a badass).
  • I wish I could give a commendation every episode for literally every actor on their performances this week, but I have to compliment the ensemble in this case. Everyone brought their A Game from start to finish, and one of the reasons this show not only works, but thrives, is how well this cast works together no matter who they’re in a scene with. So to Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Lesley Ann Brandt, Tricia Helfer, Kevin Alejandro, and Aimee Garcia: BRAVO YOU KICK ASS!

It’s going to feel like a long wait till May 1st gets here, Lucifans but we’re all in this together, and I have a good feeling it will be worth it when the rest of Lucifer’s second season arrives after this, ahem killer arc. (I couldn’t resist sue me, haha).

Lucifer returns Monday May 1st at 9/8c on FOX.

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