Lucifer 2×15 Review: “Deceptive Little Parasite”

Well… that certainly was an eye opener! Between Trixie Morningstar and her father Lucifer, Lucifer’s battle with his emotions and what in the world is happening to Charlotte?! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s start at the beginning shall we?

Setting a Blade on Fire…to Heaven?

I’ll admit last week when I learned that particular piece of mythology about Azrael’s blade my jaw dropped, and now Mom has recruited both Lucifer & Amenadiel to her mission to use the “Flaming Sword” to break down the gates of Eden to get into Heaven. I don’t honestly think I’d ever type that sentence, but its certainly interesting that Mom is convinced only Lucifer can light it up (and not with a whisky & a match as sane/strange that solution sounds.) The key, however, seems to be he isn’t getting “angry” enough as even the thought of his father isn’t enough to light the blade up.

His mission to figure it out leads him straight to Dr Linda, who after a brief questioning session about heaven itself (which I don’t blame her for, Lucifer would have got sick of me after all the questions I’d have thrown at him about God/Heaven) once again points out what Lucifer doesn’t initially understand: emotions are not meant nor can they be controlled. Understanding them is the key to helping us understand ourselves or what we need to face, or in the Devil’s case, usually actively avoiding while meandering about. Despite his determination, until those walls come down he’s not going to find the answer he’s looking for.

Friends are there for each other…sort of

Chloe my dear detective is looking for answers of her own, while Maze is just…too starving to listen. Interesting to find out that Lucifer told Chloe and ostensibly everyone else that he simply annulled his marriage to Candy rather than the truth (WHY LUCI) and Chloe’s still going over it in her head, which is the kind of shipper feels I didn’t ask for but will happily drown in. Sadly it doesn’t go any farther than that as Maze’s terrible listening skills become apparent in the face of breakfast. Good to know she’s not one to give up on proving herself, but I’m once again getting ahead of myself.

School’s in session for your emotions!

As well said was Linda’s advice was about emotions, it goes straight out the window, as the case of the week involving a literal stab in the back murder of an admissions head at a private LA elementary school. How coincidental is it this school touts literally your emotions *can* be controlled? (Oh show, never change lol). Lucifer’s interest in this immediately diverts his attention, while Chloe being the responsible detective she is attempts to find the murderous culprit, with some angry parents. (Side note: I love that they just slip in two dads married as totally normal, more shows do this please.)

Lucifer, however continues his mission of figuring out how to control his emotions….with a children’s book. As valuable as it is to read and learn about yourself his valiant attempt is interrupted by the triple decker lookalikes his mother sent his way to “arrest him.” I guess it runs in the family to get creative the more determined you get to accomplish something, but while Charlotte has always been smart, her impatience here is starting to really show. Lucifer fails to notice in his zeal of a realization during their conversation (after he politely tells them he can’t touch anything that has his mother’s fingers all over which, yeah, blech) since he needs a child. Oh boy isn’t this going to go well?

Field Trip with Trixie…Morningstar?

You ever have that idea that sounds both ridiculously fun but will also get you in massive trouble when you’re inevitably caught? Cue Lucifer kindly offering to take Trixie to school only to bring her to the private school under the guise of his daughter! As hilarious as it was to see him fuss over having to hold Trixie’s hand, and sneaking her into class to find out about emotions, it also gave Scarlet Estevez a chance to shine when she talked about her mother and what happened when she nearly died.

I can’t express how much I adore this young actress and how well she portrays Trixie anytime she’s on screen. Bravo darling. Sadly, the daddy daughter ruse is up when Chloe walks in to hear everything Trixie says, talk about pulling on the heartstrings here.

Lucifer, I love you, and you are the only person on the planet who would think a fair deal for Trixie pretending to be your daughter is letting her drive your convertible. As exciting as his day was, it became even more so after his mother pretended to KILL HIM. Mom your impatience is turning into desperation that even Lucifer, usually constantly stuck up into his own head, is noticing, get it together woman!

A Demon’s adventure into…Parenthood?

Chloe meanwhile is debating the possibility of sending Trixie to this fancy private uppity school that for all it’s, ahem eccentric ways of teaching, got Trixie to open up. However as Dan rightly points out they can’t really figure that out until the murder is solved. Which gets slightly more complicated when Maze walks in.

I will never get tired of seeing the unexpected but adorably true friendship between these two, but Chloe gets quite the surprise when Trixie’s other MOMMY walks in declaring raising Trixie is a two woman job, complete with a peck on the mouth! (No lies best SURPRISE EVER, I laughed my ass off.) Maze may be devious, but that comes in handy when the ladies team up to smoke scheme the murder out with an age old weapon known very well to mankind: GOSSIP!

A quick break from Undercover Mommies, reveals Amenadiel also failing at flaming out the blade, I mean how else do you describe that? Ramble aside, he echoes Dr Linda’s point that the blade one way or another isn’t going to light up unless he lets out everything he’s holding inside.

I will say watching Maze sneak around gossiping the heck out of this rich parents is PRICELESS to smoke out the killer who turns out to be none other than….Trixie’s temporary teacher?! Threatening them with Chloe’s gun because, OF COURSE Lucifer had a copy of her car key made, she spills about how Debbie found out the “dumb as a box of rocks” PE teacher was the true father to her son. I have to stop a second and say Chloe is a compassionate badass for trying to be understanding to the woman holding a gun to her face, but luckily any threat is tackled to the ground, literally by Maze.

The truth will set you free

Murder solved, Chloe in an incredibly heart melting moment makes sure Trixie knows she never has to hide how she feels or pretend she’s “alright.” Trixie, being the brilliant kind kid she is fesses up she didn’t like that school, which is just right in line with her mama. Good judgement call ladies, I mean really what kind of school uses the term wellness instead of PE with mid afternoon yoga with parents?

Lucifer’s honesty is a bit more chilling in that the true reason he wants to get into Heaven is so he can trap his mother in there with his father and hopefully they tear each other to pieces. Admitting that keys Linda into what he’s been missing. After finding out what his father “did” and how Chloe was a miracle and his mother’s manipulation its easier to just focus on anger. Pain, on the other hand is much more difficult to let in. Lucifer lives his life pretending he only cares whats on the surface of emotions, but his run just as deep as the rest of us, possibly even deeper given his long life. Linda, I believe, sees that and as stubborn as he can be, he does take her advice this time at that the only way to truly deal with the pain is to go through it.

Which rings true when he finally holds the blade up and it sets fire….right as his tears come down his face (NO I’M NOT CRYING ITS A TWIG OR BRANCH IN MY EYE.) Mission accomplished, but it’s still not good enough for Mom….and now we know why. AKA WHAT IS UP WITH THAT GLOWING?! Is Mom not able to stay in her human skin much longer? Is her being a divine being overwhelming Charlotte Richards? I have so many questions and hoping next week we get more answers!

Ending Thoughts

  • NGL Maze’s complete ease at pretending to be Chloe’s spouse was hilariously amazing. Lucifer & Chloe undercover is always gold, but I wouldn’t mind more Chloe and Maze undercover either. As in more please!
  • Pairing up Trixie and Lucifer = comedy gold. Can this happen every week? Asking for a friend Scarlet and Tom play so well off each other.
  • The family dynamics between Lucifer, Amenadiel and Mom were fascinating as despite the fact that Amenadiel has always been very loyal to his family. However, Lucifer is the one who tends to end up in the center of things especially since his mom wouldn’t let go of the “Lightbringer” title he formerly shunned when he was banished to hell. I have a feeling whatever plays out with Mom’s mission Amenadiel will learn to fight for what he wants outside the wishes of either of his parents. (and maybe properly apologize to Maze)

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