Lucifer 3×02 Review: “The One with the Baby Carrot”


Pardon my language Lucifans, but ‘The One with the Baby Carrot’ had me scratching my head and generally asking what the hell? I might be jumping ahead, but every single time I think I can guess where these writers are going, they throw it out the window with twists and turns I haven’t seen in years.

Without further ado let’s dive into it, shall we?

The Sinnerman is officially “He Who Must Not Be Named”

Harry Potter references are golden, but if there’s one thing Lucifer nails every single time is weaving in and out of the case of the week to its ongoing mystery. This week we have a man who died trying to defend his life’s work of terrible jokes (I know it’s mean, but for once I agree with Lucifer) from a TV star who Ella is definitely a fan of.

I know it’s off the cuff, but I need a second to say Aimee Garcia is literally perfect in this role. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard as when Bobby Lowe was immensely rude to Chloe, Ella, and Lucifer and all Ella could do was fangirl her heart out at being invited to a taping.

The biggest twist came, ironically, not from a plot but from a character, one Marcus Pierce who is doing a fine job as lieutenant, spying on our crime solving crew and continuing to be head douche to Dan. I’ll admit last season I was annoyed that Dan had few consequences to what he did, but that doesn’t make it any easier to see him disrespected for actions he clearly regrets.

Breaking into Lucifer’s loft is not a new trick, but when a buttoned up judgmental police lieutenant shows up to give you cryptic warnings, it’s certainly a moment of contemplation. Especially when it’s about the new criminal mastermind called the Sinnerman, you can’t but sit back and think “hmm what a coincidence, no, I think not.” Intriguing thoughts aside, out of everything I expected to occur in terms of how Pierce crossed paths with the Sinnerman, admitting he ran with his tail between his legs to LA after losing someone close to him was not in the realm of possibility.

I’m not surprised he caught on quickly to Lucifer’s “skill,” but considering how fast he went from tearing him down to swearing him to secrecy over their joint investigation, I know we haven’t learned the full story.

Angel Wings are only the beginning

In the self-reflective aspect of this week’s episode, Linda and Amenadiel’s time post trauma proves to be disgusting, interesting, and accompanied by one revelation. Having never seen these two spend time outside a therapy office, it was nice to see them bonding over the burning of angel wings (God I just typed that), and learning that Lucifer is many things including his brother’s test. You can’t get more poetic than that, given they have likely a millennia worth of bickering under their belts, but one of the gifts humanity possesses is simply helping each other when we need it.

It’s reflected so well in the writing that as aware as I am that Lucifer, and Amenadiel are angels and Maze (I MISS YOU) is a demon, I forget it the second I see them with the people they care about, who are mortal as the rest of us.

Pulling this all together is the kind of therapy that can’t be provided by gigantic and hand operated puppets. Though seriously, I don’t know how Joe Henderson came up with the gun in a puppet shtick, but lord, you’d have rocked it on the Muppet show way back when, haha.

Lucifer is determined to be who he’s always defined himself as, and not as what Dad or anyone else says. I can appreciate the embracing of therapy, but not to the point where I’m getting worried he’s too concerned about being the “Devil with a favor” as opposed to being himself, which isn’t just the Devil.

Either way, it looks like we are in for a riding a roller-coaster season, and I can’t wait to see how Lucifer’s “partnership” with Pierce blows up, I mean goes.

Final Thoughts

  • Not a ton in the way of Deckerstar, but Chloe knowing Lucifer well enough to let him have at it with the “micropenis” jokes was as inappropriate as it was classic them. I have missed you too lovebirdish partners. (Don’t worry the ish is temporary)
  • I knew Ella was enthusiastic, but Chloe letting Ella tag along to meet Bobby Lowe purely “just to be safe” is one of many reasons I love the lady friendships on this show.
  • Maze appears! Well sort of, on a phone call. Thank Dad Mazikeen is back next week I have missed her and Lesley Ann-Brandt a lot.
  • Dan, I love you for your improv, but if you want to stay away from stand up for the rest of your life I would not blame you. Also best line ever: “Devilishly Handsome Dan Espinoza.” I can’t really disagree I’ve seen Kevin Alejandro in person, one word: Wowza.

How about you Lucifans? Were you intrigued or suspicious about Pierce’s actions involving the Sinnerman?

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.



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