‘Lucifer’ 3×03 Review: “Mr and Mrs Mazikeen Smith”

Lucifans, Lesley Ann Brandt is back in “Mr and Mrs Mazikeen Smith” and oh God did I miss her. Seriously I spent tonight texting a few friends “what the f*ck is going on” regarding this episode. I will say though, there wasn’t a second I wasn’t glued to the screen cursing every commercial break, and that’s the kind of superpower Lucifer has in all it’s glory.

But I digress, let’s dig into it shall we?

Leather is great looking, but sucks in the cold

Maze is back from her stint of bounty hunting, growing restless and completely convinced of her soulless status. Cue drinking with Linda, our resident doctor (PhD not MD despite everyone ignoring that fact, but moving on) and listening to Lucifer’s well intended (ish), but terrible suggestion of finding the biggest challenge out there.

One Ben Rivers, which takes her to the winter filled land of Canada. I will admit to melting on the floor finding Trixie in her knives and whips bag, but it’s probably good she didn’t make the trip, as it turned into a cross country terror ride.

Lucifer refusing to listen to Chloe normally makes me chuckle, but I’ll admit it was driving me nuts when he was falsely arrogant “confident” about Maze handling her bounty. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have every bit of confidence in Maze, but I would have been all over stalking her too if she was up chasing a supposed crazed killer up in another country. Good thing she has Chloe, who’s on it, suspecting dirty cops and calling Lucifer out for his turnaround after watching Maze fluff a pillow for the “killer”

This entire hour truly was a dedication to Lesley Ann Brandt’s abilities to portray every single facet of Maze and the ultimate question posed: Does Maze have a soul?

I’m happy to announce a resounding YES! But I’m skipping ahead a bit. Let’s cut to the action scenes.

Canada can’t stop a Hawaiian shirt, justice and badassery

Maze on a one woman mission does find this unfindable man, and his charm set off alarm bells on how he neatly escaped those cuffs Maze stuck on his wrist. Clearly a smart fugitive, but sorry honey, you’ve not met Maze, who doesn’t give up so easily.

The story here takes an unpredictable turn when room service shows up with a nice fancy shot gun and lots of bullets as the entree for said fugitive! Seriously, I give up on trying to guess where a story is going to go, because I didn’t think this kind of zig zag that weaves so seamlessly existed before Lucifer. Thanks to some timely intervention by Dan (still sporting that Hawaiian shirt oh boy) Maze is able to finally track the “bad guy” Ben Rivers.

As it turns out isn’t so bad, thanks to some hilarious and literally walk-around-everywhere investigating on Chloe and Lucifer’s part. I’ll never get tired of these two bantering, but I think my personal highlight of the hour was watching Lucifer tease Chloe about being Maze’s overprotective mother then turning the tables on him. From the second he saw Maze fluffing Ben’s pillows while she was asking Linda how to treat his gunshot wound (and did I really just type that) I was cracking up at Linda’s continued insistence she’s not that kind of doctor. No sweetie, you’re way better actually.

A dirty cop was found and arrested thanks to some trust on Chloe and Lucifer’s parts towards Maze’s bounty hunter abilities, instincts and her literal kung fu skills. I was yelling loud enough to make my family complain between the classical music fight, and the snow fight that started with a literal snow ball to the head from Dan, who jumped a guy’s back.


All’s well that ends well, sort of, as the handsome not so crazed killer offered Maze a root free life, only for our demon “without a soul” (I’ll be straight, she completely has a soul) to realize she does miss her roots. Sitting around her with Chloe, Dan, Lucifer, Linda and, Trixie. I teared up knowing Maze had the knowledge she deserved to realize all along: she has a family and she’s home.

Which would have been a lovely denouement until Ben’s warning about “they” knowing about Maze coming all too true. Quite literally too, as pictures of Maze went into a file cabinet with Lucifer and Amenadiel’s names clearly labeled on folders.

I’ll bet you my soul that it’s the Sinnerman, but time will clearly tell us in this show.

Final Thoughts

  • How much would it cost to have one of Maze’s special massages? Cause I can tell it would be worth every single penny.
  • I will admit it was the fastest I ever went from hunt this guy down to oh yay kissing, with Fugitive Ben and Maze, but dang Lucifer Writers, you made it work. It was really wonderful to see someone care for Maze so quickly, and respect her choice. So if fugitive Ben shows up in the future I would not mind that. Sorry Amenadiel, you’re still adorable with Maze, but I need to speak the truth.
  • Deckerstar was subtle but adorably sweet this hour, as they went swinging from one caring about Maze to both and investigating in only a way the Devil and a walking brilliant miracle could.
  • The hour revolved around the theme of whether a demon can have a soul, and while I know Maze may not have believed it, personally I think even if she didn’t have one, she does now. She earned it, and deserves it for opening her heart, strange and off kilter in all her wonderful Mazeness and I was so happy to see her sitting there choosing to go home for her. Bravo Lesley Ann Brandt, you nailed it and I am so glad you’re back.
  • Seriously though, only Kevin Alejandro can make a shirt from Hawaii look attractive. How do you do this?!
  • Last but certainly not least, that cliffhanger is moving our story along into the season’s big mystery and, I’m hoping that means we get some more tidbits along the way as to how the Sinnerman fits into our supernatural world.

How about you Lucifans? Were you glad to see Maze back? I know I was.

Lucifer airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

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